A Different Way by D.L. Bearden!

A Different Way by D.L. Bearden is the eleventh story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. This is a fiction suspense drama of how quickly life can change.

Life for Mark for the past few years has been very difficult. Due to a drug addiction and a total lack of self-control, he landed himself in prison for a term of 3 years.

He never thought that anything like this could happen to him. Fortunately, he has had the complete love and support from his parents who have not missed a visiting day; but on the other hand, his long-term girlfriend has been MIA (missing-in-action) and for the life of him, he is not quite sure why.

Now Mark has a new lease on life and some great dreams. Dreams of things he never thought possible. Coming to prison has taught him about what is really important in life: love and family.

When the time comes for him to be free again, he has determined he will not do anything to ruin his second chance at having a wonderful, happy life with those who mean the most to him.

He has done everything required of him to change his life, attitude and purpose. He has gone to all the meetings for his drug addiction along with taking classes to help him with reentry back into society. He has been dedicated, giving his best even when he sometimes didn’t feel like it or when it was challenging. But it will be worth it?

So for Mark, life is good.

The day of his release arrives and he is bursting with excitement. He is ready to begin living out his great plan and put the drugs and prison life behind him.

Unfortunately, what Mark didn’t count on is when he gets to the place where his new life is supposed to begin, it is no longer there. Tragedy at every turn and all of it is completely out of his control. What will he do?

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Meet the author of A Different Way, D. L. Bearden.

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