Advertise Your Fiction Writing, Publishing, or Marketing Product or Service on Write and Publish Fiction!

Advertise your fiction writing, publishing or marketing product or service on Write and Publish Fiction's website for some great targeted exposure in the Fiction Writing and Publishing Niche Market. All great advertising on this website is done on a case by case basis to help ensure the best experience for the visitors of the site.

What does my site offer - Time and Placement on high ranking pages that relate directly to your product, service, or website.

What my site doesn't offer is pay per click, pay per impression, or unrelated links to unrelated sites. You are guaranteed to get quality exposure for your product or service when you advertise your fiction on pages that directly relate to your book or fiction related service.

I also offer a sponsored advertisement at the bottom of all thank you pages (after customers already pay for something or submit their information to us...which means they are already pre-qualified in the fiction niche market giving you a very hot opportunity to catch a sale) and on my newsletters.

I am currently looking for sponsors as all of the proceeds from any advertising on this site are used for operations and maintenance of the site.

We have many programs to choose from, each of which will fit your advertising needs. If you are interested in any advertising positions, please contact support right away and express your interest..

Special Note to Advertise your Fiction: Do Not Ask to Advertise Your Product or Service on this Website if it is NOT FICTION RELATED. Contact Support if you Have any Questions about this!

Advertise Your Fiction with Special Advertising Opportunities Specifically for Fiction Related Products or Services!

We offer one or two page SEO content on the Write and Publish Website to advertise your fiction story, you as an author, or both. One or two pages of search engine optimized content means your two page advertisement will be quickly indexed from being on my site and pushed through my exclusive ranking technique and rank high in the search engines based on what keywords I research and use for your pages that are the most relevant for your product or service.

If someone looks for you or your book on the major search engines, it will be found.

Included with this powerful purchase is special keyword research based on your product or service, professional copywriting to get you the best pre-selling content for your 2 pages of content, and professionally placed links to get my visitors to visit your main product or service that you want to advertise.

This is great for selling a book. I evaluate your website, product, or service and write 2 pages of content (at least 500 words per page) about that product, service, or website, and get my visitors to visit your website.

This type of advertising is the best in the business and very competitive in the industry.

Other Advertising Opportunities Available!

120 x up to 600 Tower Banner - We offer a banner advertisement placed on our top traffic receiving page. Size restrictions are 120 pixels wide by any height not to exceed 600 pixels. Your tower banner will be placed on the upper right hand corner of the highly relevant page. Your advertisement will remain on this website for 3 months.

Rectangle Banner Advertising

Our banner advertisements are a little different than most websites. The purchased banner advertisements are not randomized on a page. They are permanent until expired. I individually place all banner ads on the appropriate high traffic, relevant pages for maximum exposure.

Advertise Your Fiction With 468 x 60 Banner Ads - We offer a banner advertisement placed on one of out top traffic receiving pages. Size restrictions are 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall. Your banner will be placed on the top of the page just under the main header (above the fold as it is called). Your advertisement will remain on our website for 3 months.

Post Action Advertising Placement

This is the area immediately following a form submission or a purchase from Write and Publish Fiction (i.e. the thank you or download page!). I call this prime advertising real estate because it subjects your advertising toward either "known" paying customers or "responsive" customers. These are the people who have made a purchase or submitted their information for more information on fiction writing, publishing, or marketing - in other words, this is highly targeted responsive advertising!

1. Recommended Sponsor Advertisement - One Ad to Advertise Your Fiction - This advertisement spot can be purchased for placement at the bottom of ALL of our thank you pages for one month. Placement is on a first come first serve basis for a one month placement on all pages with sponsored advertisements.

2. Advertisement Position on Newsletter - One Ad to Advertise Your Fiction- This advertisement spot can be purchased for placement in our next newsletter that is sent to all of our subscribers. Placement is on a first come first serve basis and will run until replaced by another advertisement. That means you can get several for the price of one depending on how many ads are placed.

Other Advertising

1. Permanent Inline Text Link to Advertise Your Fiction - This advertisement can be purchased for the placement of a keyword or phrase anchor link on any of the pages of Write and Publish Fiction that are relevant to your site. Popularity is a vital part of Internet marketing and link placement really matters.

If you have a related website that has keywords for you website name or a page of your site that match a word or phrase on this website, you can purchase a keyword or phrase to add a link to your website from one of my SEO content pages. This is not a link on our "Links" page. It is an actual relevant link back to your site that can actually raise your ranking in the search engines.

If you need help choosing a keyword or phrase that best suites your website or page you are wishing to link, please contact me before or after your purchase. Contact me directly for home page advertising opportunities.

Again, if you want to advertise your fiction, please contact me right away..

More advertising solutions will be coming very soon, but the ones above are the ones we have to offer right now.

If you are interested in a Joint Venture partnership with Write and Publish Fiction to share profits while we advertise your fiction writing, publishing, and marketing business or you advertise ours - or both - see how you can Joint Venture with Write and Publish Fiction!

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