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Articles about fiction writing, publishing, and marketing helps you find various levels of information about the fiction marketplace. These are opinionated articles archived on Write and Publish Fiction of various articles by fiction authors and Jason Moser focused on various aspects fiction writing.

Articles About Fiction!

This is where you can find articles that have been compiled to help you with the many aspects of your writing and as a place you can post your fiction related articles for other writers to read.

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I've been writing fiction related articles about writing techniques, fiction book marketing, and publishing since 2005 and have found they help a lot more people than I had hoped. This is the first time all of my fiction articles have been compiled on a single centralized source for all to read and heed.

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Articles About Fiction by Jason Moser and Other Fiction Authors

The following articles about fiction were written and published by Jason Moser or were provided by other fiction authors who wanted to share things they learned with readers here. There's some great information in these articles that help you in various areas of fiction writing.

How to Design a Book Cover for Self-Publishing - A book cover for your fiction novel can be made even if you can't afford the photo editing software or don't trust your artistic abilities!

Writing a Book Sales Letter to Market Your Fiction - A book sales letter can jump start sales for a new work of fiction and is one of the most effective selling points for your fiction writing.

You're Done Writing Your Book...So Now What? - So, You're Done Writing Your Book, Now What? You must set more goals for your book, particularly where you want you book to be within a year from now.

Publishing: Dealing With Rejection - Rejection is a common occurrence among authors. This article has been written to let you know that you aren't alone as a fiction author.

Setting Up a Successful Book Signing - Book signing is the primary promotional tool available to fiction writers to start the ball rolling in your initial promotional push toward success in the writing industry.

7 Novel Writing Tips to Help You Develop New Ideas for Your Fiction Books - My novel writing tips will help you develop a new story line if you are trying to create new fiction writing ideas.

How to Sell an eBook Using Free or Low Cost Marketing Resources That Work - Learn how to sell an e book using on and offline sources to jump start your fiction book sales.

Publishing a Book - 5 Shocking Truths That Publishers Don't Want You to Know - Why is publishing a book so hard? What the publishers don't want you to know is that they don't have to work very hard to get your book on the shelves. They just have to make sure it will sell.

Writing Tips and Advice for New Writers - Writing Tips and Advice for New Writers is a compilation of great lessons learned as experienced by James Stirling, author of 'MacDonald Island' and 'Have Trombone, Will Travel'.

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