Author Website to Promote Your Fiction Portfolio

An author website helps increase book sales during your promotional stage before and after publishing your writing. Creating a site sounds simple enough: You create a three or four page website containing an author's biography, products page, contact page, and if you are lucky a page full of great reviews from your lucky readers.

Author Website

A publishing company does just that! They put together a small website on their servers so they can fulfill their part of the obligation. But are they really doing you or your book a service?

Well, sure, it is a place to send people to find your book. But if you don't personally send anyone there, is anyone actually going to find you or your book if they are doing a broad search on a topic related to your story?

The problem is, people search the Internet for information in the form of keywords and phrases. The search engine matches those keywords and phrases up to their index of content. If you have a small author website with very little content, no one will find your site because it will be so far away from the number one spot in the search engines, no one will ever dig down that deep.

A Small Author Website Will Not Attract New Customers to Your Fiction From the World Wide Web

As an author, you need to create a website that is designed to naturally attract potential customers from all around the world, not just provide a place to send people.

Almost 90 percent of the websites out there are just drop off zones - a place to send people. Stand out in the crowd with an author website that people can find and that naturally attracts its customers.

Create an Author Website

The most powerful marketing tool available to an author is a website. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain and grow, and tap into a world of potential customers.

The hottest way to develop a website is through Wordpress, an easy to learn and use application available through most hosting website hosting companies. This application is so hot, most websites developed with the application are listed rather quickly on the major search engines, especially Google. This is great for you if you want to sell a lot of your books online.

Unfortunately, people putting their websites together are lacking some of the basic search engine optimization (SEO) skills needed to capture potential readers who are interested in their stories.

If you are thinking about developing an author website, think about what a well developed and optimized website can really do for you in the future. Your author website needs to be more than just a spot on the World Wide Web that no one in the world is going to find. People aren't exactly looking for you or your fiction books yet...they are looking for information and things of interest - they are looking for information - bar none!

If you just create a website and only put things about you in it, no one is going to find your website unless they already know your name. If you just put one blurb on a webpage about your book, no one is going to find your book either.

I'm tired of seeing writers giving up on their dreams because of the lack of book sales from poorly deployed marketing techniques and lack of assistance from their publisher or agent!

Sorry to have to break this to you, but you by yourself do not interest people...well, not yet! I'm sure Stephen King wasn't as popular back when he first started writing either. But, once you become a well known published author with a few books under your belt, maybe people will be looking for you to get to your books that way.

Build Your Own Author Website

When you are first starting out in the world as a published author, you need a lot more content on your website that is going to magically attract visitors - visitors from all over the world - that are looking for specific topics. From the websites they find about those topics, they are going to purchase books that have more about that topic in them - the kinds of books you write.

The smaller websites require you to feed visitors to it, taking up much of your time. To me, that is a waste of resources and a lot more work on your part.

You need to understand how to get visitors to your website using little effort in the years to come so you don't have to work so hard at marketing your books and you can spend more time writing more books.

Website development is one of those things that everyone takes for granted and no one is going to teach you (unless you take courses and ask the professionals for help). Having a professional develop your website for you can be very costly. It's not necessary because everything about building a website can be done on your own with the proper research and education.

Don't be like your competition! Step outside of the box and take this opportunity to learn what most writers and publishers just don't seem to understand. Create a traffic attracting website by learning how to make an author website and see how fast your website becomes a powerful, automatic, and useful marketing tool.

Your online book promotion success is just around the corner. Learn the simple and proven methods of developing your own fiction author website that will help you find more customers and sell more books than you have ever dreamed possible!

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