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Aysha Idris is one of my favorite profiles I've ever read and published at so far, thus the reason it was chosen for the Featured Fiction Author in 2009. If this profile doesn't inspire you to pursue your writing dreams, you need to read it over and over again. Aysha IS a WRITER!

Many people aspire to be writers, or write as a hobby because it's something they love to do. Then there are people like Aysha who know they are writers and spend their life creating a magical literary art that they pass on to people throughout the world.

Please read all of her profile as it will inspire you to look deep within yourself to find out why you are writing and where your true opportunity lies within you.

Here's Aysha's profile in her words:

My Name is Aysha Idris and I'm a writer. God I love the sound of that! How I'd love to confidently be able to say that someday. For now we'll stick with My Name is Aysha Idris and I'm aspiring to be a writer.

I'm Sixteen Years Old. Well technically I'm not Sixteen yet, but I will be in a few months. I know what you're thinking. Why does a Fifteen Year Old want to be a writer? Well here's my story.

Believe it or not I haven't always wanted to be a writer. I've actually always wanted to be a doctor. At least I thought I wanted to be one. Up until my last two years of High School that is. That's when I actually realized that I had potential. Usually when I'm writing I'm just well, writing. But then when I give someone else to read what I'm writing and their eyes light up or a smile spreads across their face and reaches up to their eyes, I feel this rush. And when they tell me 'Hey this is really good stuff.'

I feel like I'm the best person in the world. For just taking their mind off whatever is going on in their head, Transporting them to another world, Relieving all their stress, All of that. You can't get any better than that.

The first time I felt like that was the day I decided I wanted to be a writer. But I was immediately filled with this sense of panic. What am I going to do? I don't know anything about being a writer. How am I going to get published? Thousands of people send in their manuscripts to Publishers and Agents, why would they single my manuscript out? Am I good enough? All these questions filled my head.

So I thought, one thing at a time Aysha Idris. Just get your work started. At that time I didn't even know whatever I was writing was called a manuscript. I was THAT bad. So I began writing, and writing and writing.

Then I graduated from High School in 2007 in July, just two months after I'd turned Fifteen. Then I started doing my homework. I went to my favorite search engine and typed 'What to do when you're done writing a book' I tried a lot of phrases to do with getting your work published and I stumbled upon a lot of websites that were very helpful. I finally found out about words like 'Synopsis' 'Literary Agents' and others. Then it got complicated.

Then I thought 'There should be a website where I can get all the gist I want' Then I found Jason's website. I learned LOADS of stuff. How to write Query Letters, Manuscript Formats, How to copyright my work without spending cash(COOL!) Jason's website really helped. Thank You Jason!

Now I'm writing the last three chapters of my very first book of my very first book series. The series is called Dream Weaver and the first book is called The Perfect Element. I haven't started sending out my letters and synopsis of my work and the stuff I need for Agents to consider my work. I can't do that until I get to school in January. Then I'll start sending. I'm scared of those Rejection slips everyone talks about. But I'm very determined to be a writer. And a very good one too. Maybe I'll even be famous.

I'm very determined to meet someone in a year, two or even more and say 'Hello, I'm Aysha Idris and I'm a writer.' And I will. Something tells me I will.

And Aysha Idris WILL be a great writer very soon. Keep an eye out for Aysha Idris, this up and coming star in the fiction community!

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