D. L. Bearden, Fiction Shorts Author!

D. L. Bearden, lovingly known as "Ms. D", was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio where she still resides with her family. Cleveland has always been a source of inspiration for her writing.

As a teenager she would go down by the lake or to one of the many Metroparks to write her stories (or do homework). Being out in nature always gave her sense of freedom which opened her imagination.

From the time she learned how to read, she has always been known to have a novel in hand. Even during her summer breaks she would prefer sitting on the front porch and read instead of playing kickball or any bounce.

D. L. Bearden would always challenge herself to see how many books she could read over summer break. Her greatest reading accomplishment was when she was 15 and read 12 novels that summer – whew! But it was awesome!

She would get up early in the morning and sit on the porch in her pjs taking in a moment every now and again to feed some of the neighborhood birds. It always seemed as though they were watching her and sometimes she would read to them. It was this passion for reading that opened the door to her passion for writing.

Over the years she has written many stories and a few books, but never took the initiative to get published. Writing was always something she enjoyed so much she never thought about getting paid to do it. It was a personal experience that she never thought about sharing with the world.

Even though her teachers throughout school and the family and friends she shared some of her work with would always encourage her to get published, she never felt like it was something she wanted to do or that maybe it just wasn't time.

Then "life" got in the way, family and career, so she began to use the writing more as an outlet. But now she is ready to step out on faith. This is her first publication but keep the name “D.L. Bearden” in mind because soon it will be a household name.

Short Fiction Story A Different Way

A Different Way by D. L. Bearden is about a young convicted drug addict who is released from prison, finally clean from drugs and ready to start a new way of life. However, it's not as easy as he thought it would be to pick up where he left his life, quickly taking him right back to where he started.

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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