The Blackstone Inheritance by Patricia Scholes!

'The Blackstone Inheritance' by Patricia Scholes is the tenth story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is a fantasy fiction short story with some suspense, action, and twists and turns you won't believe. Here's a little teaser of 'The Blackstone Inheritance' for you:

The whole tavern silenced, startled by the city guards who dared to enter a place in the Warrens. Even the gestures halted mid-air. The barkeep made the first move. He scowled. Then he placed his open palms flat on the counter — an unmistakable signal. No one was to draw a weapon.

Voices, lower now, resumed speaking. Some patrons, not trusting the purpose of any guard, slipped out the back. Most, curious about the reason their sanctuary had been violated, simply stared, their hands slipping under tables, inside their clothing for a favorite weapon, no matter what the barkeep wanted.

"I pay you well," the bartender bellowed. "Why are you here?"

"A maid." The guard who spoke took a step forward. "A wench with red hair."

One of the barmaids, her hair wrapped in a swatch of silk, set the mugs she carried onto a nearby table, and edged away. Her face, always pale compared to the swarthy complexions around her, whitened. She might have reached the exit, but at the door stood a transparent black-garbed figure, its smile a knife-edge, its eyes black, malevolent pools.

"Do you betray us, T’lana?" Hardly more than a whisper, his voice turned her flight to stone.


"Face them," he commanded.

The girl turned, her eyes flitting first to the bartender. He returned her gaze with hostility.

In desperation she glanced at the other barmaid who stood unexpectedly at her elbow. She too was pale, another misbegotten rarity, but her hair was brown, and her eyes an angry green.

"Does he mean you?" she shrilled as she snatched away the silk covering T’lana’s hair.

"Linet!" She reached for the silk, as if she could hide in time the cascade of damning curls that tumbled down her back. Her eyes followed the silk—and met the guard’s solid brown gaze.

He touched one of her brilliant locks. "Red Hair, where did you spend last night?"

"I was with the Prince last night! He can vouch for me!" She tossed her head and raised her chin.

"The Prince?" Linet's malice grew. "You?"

"Can I help it if a prince takes notice of me?"

"Did he also notice the poison on your blade?" the guard asked. "You should have finished the job before you left him. His last words were 'ti lana'."

Cranog, her master, had set up the meeting between T'lana and the Prince. He smiled to himself when he realized she had intended to find a way to get away from his control, and his cruelty. His goal, as it had always been, was to keep her close.

She was the last of her people and the last one who could find a way to the coveted Blackstone that her people had taken when they vanished from the city. Cranog intended to find a way to gain access to that coveted Stone (T'lana's Blackstone Inheritance) and she was the last one with any remaining magic to find it.

And she would reward him when he rescued her from the Palace prison. Oh, yes.

Enjoy 'The Blackstone Inheritance', a suspenseful and brilliantly written fiction short story that will keep you reading until the very end.

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