Book Reading Events for Fiction Authors

A book reading is another great way to market your fiction and ranks right up there, actually working hand-in-hand, with book signings. If you do one, you can easily do the other and they compliment each other nicely.

Book Reading

Marketing a book is very difficult at best, especially for an author who is programmed to write, not advertise. But as an author, it is your sole responsibility to market your own book before and after it is published, even if you publish through a traditional book publisher.

There are many ways to create a push for your fiction book and one of those is to have a book reading. You can do a reading in a few different places, but it all depends on who you want to market to at the moment.

It's best to start with friends and family because they are going to be your best customers at the beginning. They will also be your best word of mouth advertisers and are more willing to help you out than a complete stranger.

A way to tap into your family and friends is to host a book signing at your home. A book signing is a great way to sell books, but doing a reading while doing the book signing can lock in the deal. It's similar to selling make up in a home make up party. If you have your guests sample the make up and get involved, they are more willing to make a purchase. The same thing goes with your book. Get them involved and interested, then make the sale.

Another way to read your book for others is to have a local public reading event at a local restaurant, coffee house, or lounge. If you plan an event at a local retailer, make sure you have permission from the establishment's owner so you don't solicit business in their place of business without them knowing.

Either way, you need to invite people to your readings. This can be through press releases in your local paper, classified advertisements, a flier in local retailers and the establishment you plan on reading in, book stores, and libraries. In-home readings are much easier to plan and will give you more solid response, but after a while, you will run out of friends and family and will need to expand out to the local public.

In a book reading, you need to choose what you want to read from your book. This should be an exciting scene that doesn't give your whole book's plot or point away, but interests the reader into making a purchase to read more. Limit the reading to no more than 10 percent of your book. If it is a 300 page book, limit your reading to no more than 30 pages.

Get your audience involved with the reading. Have volunteers read a paragraph after you initially read and give them a gift for reading. Your gift can be a coupon for 25 percent off the purchase of your book, a gift card, book mark, or other creative item that makes them remember you and your book.

Your point is to get people to want to read more of your book. Have books on hand to sell to people who want to read more. If not, have them fill out purchase vouchers or advance pay for books. Be sure to have a guest book for attendees to sign. They should include their address and phone number so you can follow up with them later.

Blending a Book Reading into Your Book Signing Helps Seal the Deal

While you are in the middle of your books signing, consider a five or ten minute book reading to help gather a crowd in front of your table. People are naturally curious and want to know more about the book you are promoting.

Spend some time researching the best parts of your book to read from without giving away critical information about major plot events or characters. Critical information is a major answer to a suspense question.

Learn more about how you can blend a book reading into book signings so you can sell more books.

Here are 5 great places to give a book reading to get the most sales from your reading.

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