Book Sales Letter to Market Your Fiction

Foreword: Book Sales Letter to Market Your Fiction is an article written for authors who have published their stories and are moving on to the marketing stage of their goals. A sales letter is a very useful tool for any business, whether it be for selling books or even trying to sell a product of service. These suggestions will work for any application but are simply geared toward fiction writing.

Book Sales Letter

A sales letter is something that has many uses for a fiction author. You can use it for the home page of your fiction book or author website, a flyer to post in a book store window, a direct mail marketing piece, or an email to send out to your network.

Your fiction book sales letter isn't about selling per se. It's all about pre-selling your writing product or service. No one wants a strong sales pitch, but if you write your sales letter in an appropriate manner, then you will have more luck selling your fiction to your prospective buyers.

Selling your fiction writing isn't about luck, though, it is about how you present your work to your readers. If you use captivating headlines, an awesome angle, and use these to capture a reader's interest, then you will sell a book.

This article will teach you exactly how to write a book sales letter that you can use to peak a reader's interest enough to check out your book. 

Book Sales Letter to Market Your Fiction

by Jason Moser
Fiction Author

There are several ways to jump start sales for a new work of fiction, but one of the most effective selling points is your sales letter. With the proper format and layout, your marketing letter can do a majority of the selling for you, just leaving you with the task of getting eyes on your letter. Most traditional publishers rely on submitting your book title and description to all the major bookstores, but if you self-publish your fiction, this will give you a leading edge to start racking in some great sales.

Writing a sales letter is a simple eight-step process that involves a little bit of marketing and writing skills. With the proper format, this can not only attract your readers, but can also interest them so much that they simply have to buy whatever it is you are ultimately selling.

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About the Author of Book Sales Letter to Market Your Fiction

Jason W. Moser is a self-published fiction and self-help book author and niche online marketing specialist. He has published several self-help articles and books for fiction writers including this article. He retired from the Navy and now lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife and two sons.

"Writing and my websites are my life and the quest to break the code for selling my fiction is now a personal passion. There are several methods you can use to help sell fiction books, but there has got to be a do all be all method of sales that takes sales to the top." - Jason Moser

This article just covers one of the many methods of delivering the sales messages to the consumer. There are so many more ways to market your fiction book and they are all discussed throughout this website. I want you to have the best chance at discovering your proper marketing method so you can sell as many books as possible.

Everyone needs help now and then. If you have your own personal experience with a fiction marketing method, please contact me and I will share it with my visitors.

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