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Check out and purchase books by fiction authors at Write and Publish Fiction to help support new and experienced authors just starting out on their marketing ventures with their new fiction books or just trying to make a living in the great fiction market. This is a place where you can find fiction books written and published by authors who have visited or subscribed to Write and Publish Fiction and are interested in selling you their work.

Below are some of the authors who have given me their links to pass on to you to visit their website book stores. This is Free Advertising for any author trying to get their book marketing started, so if you have a published book, please send me a link to your shopping page so you can start making sales right away.

Books by Fiction Authors!

Fiction Author Jason W. Moser

Jason W. Moser has published one fiction novel and is currently working on book two in the series of spy novels. Visit the Jason Moser's Fiction Novel Spy Among Spies page to check out his exciting new fiction spy novel series! You can also check out all of his self-help books at at his online books by fiction authors store.

Jason is also working on 'Over the Edge', 'Caught Within Time', and 'Dream of Reality'. Look for their release in the upcoming years.

Christine Thing

I have the great pleasure to personally know Christine and her writing abilities are out of this world. Her stories are very captivating and gripping, holding your grasp on the book until the very end. Check out her 'Trapped by Fate' and 'Destined for Glory' fiction novel series at her storefront. The way Christine builds the characters and flows through the story keeps you in suspense through the entire story.

Jean-Louis McMillan

Desire and Prejudice

DESIRE & PREJUDICE by Jean-Louis McMillan is one of the best romance stories I've read all year. It is about the healing powers of true love and the damning powers of cultural prejudice. It is one of the most moving romance stories I've ever read. When two people are drawn so passionately to each other from first sight, entirely from the heart, nothing else in the world seems to matter.

I can't wait to see more novels by this author!

Brandt Dodson

Brandt has published 4 books over the course of a few years and is well on his way to becoming a best selling author. Visit the Brandt Dodson website at to check out all of his books today!

Liz Moult

Elizabeth (Liz) Moult is an exceptional author who writes some exciting books. 'Doves and Angels' is a story about a photojournalist who travels to Kosovo to report on the war, has a weird spiritual encounter and ends up writing about world peace instead. 'Doves and Angels' (ISBN 1-4241-5382-4) by Elizabeth Moult is available at Publish America. She also has two other novels published at that you need to check out. Visit Liz's website to check out all of her books today!

Shelagh Martin

Shelagh has been writing for a while and has published some great work at 'Snuffy's Quest' and 'Pixel and other verse' by Shelagh Martin can be purchased online today!

Winona Rasheed

Winona is a great children's book writer who has published 'Too Big For Us', 'Wishes Granted', and 'Macy's Apple Tree Friend'. You can purchase her children's books through LULU.COM the number one self-publishing site on the web, just stop by my storefront, Storytyme Book Nook by Winona Rasheed.

As more authors pass on their books by fiction authors to me, I will add them to this page so you can access the great works of fiction they produce.

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