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Brandt Dodson is a published author of the exciting Private Investigator Colton Parker series of mystery crime fiction. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, later used as a setting for his mystery series.

Like most writers, he has been writing for years. In fact, since childhood. Although he discovered he wanted to be a writer in grade school, it wasn't until twenty-one years later when he put pen to paper. In between, reality set in and he got a "real job", working first in law enforcement, then becoming a Podiatrist.

"I began to write again and over a 12-year period, garnered more rejections than anyone should in a lifetime. However, the learning process paid off, and I was awarded a 3 book contract with Harvest House in June of 2005. My first novel 'Original Sin' is the first in a series featuring PI Colton Parker. 'Seventy Times Seven' and 'The Root of Evil' both follow this exciting first for its series."

Visit the Brandt Dodson website for all of his books.

Here are the books by Brandt available on his website:

'Original Sin' (Colton Parker Mystery Series, Book 1).

'Seventy Times Seven' (Colton Parker Mystery Series, Book 2).

'The Root of All Evil' (Colton Parker Mystery Series, Book 3).

One of his latest books in the series available called 'The Lost Sheep' (Colton Parker Mystery Series, Book 4). This has been added to this profile since it was published on Write and Publish Fiction. Check it out today at his website!

Another great novel added to Brandt's collection is 'Daniel's Den'.

Now available, 'White Soul'.

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