Carrie Keaton, Fiction Shorts Author!

Carrie Keaton is a 52 year old mother who has two children and one grandchild. She is currently involved in a home based business that markets skin care products. Carrie is also actively writing her second fiction book that she hopes to finish in the coming year.

She began her writing career towards the end of high school and upon entering college was prompted by her college English Instructor to consider writing a book. This English Instructor was impressed with her writing skills from a short story she turned in as an assignment. Carrie’s timid nature back then allowed negative influences from her peers to cause her to abandon her writing for a long time.

A co-worker and friend later encouraged Carrie Keaton to start writing again and she finally self-published her debut novel titled 'Two Loves, One Heart'. 'Two Loves, One Heart' is an inspirational romance novel with a domestic violence theme in which her main character, Lynnette, is forced to choose between her first love turned abusive and an old friendship that develops into a passionate romance. You can search for Carrie Keaton on Authorhouse to find her book and it's available through most major bookstores.

Two Loves, One Heart by Carrie Keaton!

'Two Loves, One Heart' is a Fiction Novel based on true events and experiences with true-to-life characters. Carrie wrote 'Two Loves, One Heart' partly because of much of the turmoil she had experienced in her life when she had been abused. Now, she is a SURVIVOR and wants to reach out to other abuse victims. Ever since her college instructor and her friend encouraged her to write, she thought, what better way to do what she loves and send out a message to others than through her writing?

With that being said, her hope with writing now is to share her experiences with others through her writing with the expectations of helping others who have gone through or are going through bad times or abuse.

Short Fiction Story Faith's Mask

Faith's Mask by Carrie Keaton is about a young black woman who is physically abused and moves across the country to escape as her abuser is arrested. Starting over, she changes her name and finds a man who loves her more than she's ever been loved in her life. But Cory escapes from prison and she is worried a name change and moving away is not enough.

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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