Cathy Brockman, Fiction Author!

Cathy Brockman is a mother of two children residing in Caruthersville, MO. She's a fiction author and wants to encourage others to do the same. Here's her biography:

Cathy was born in Caruthersville Missouri. She was raised there until she married at the young age of 18 and had her first child. In the next five years she moved several times with her husband with his job. Then after the birth of her daughter she moved back to Caruthersville where she now resides.

After a few bad choices and a divorce she worked at the local shoe factory for 8 years. In 1981, having to take on a second job, she started to work for Wal-mart where she worked as a department manager for 19 years. She raised her 2 children on her own often supplementing her income selling cooked goods and crafts, something she enjoys doing.

In January of 2010, after an injury, she retired from her job. Cathy Brockman is now married to a wonderful man, Alan, who encourages her to pursue her dreams of writing, crafting, and cooking. Cathy loves to cook, sew, craft and recycle things. She also loves to play with her dog, Molly, and her grandchildren.

Cathy Brockman has loved to read ever since she first learned how. In high school she often wrote stories for her friends when they would challenge her with silly sentences or a word to come up with something. She always dreamed of teaching literature in school, but didn't follow through since she married so young. She also always dreamed of writing and now has decided to turn that dream into a reality and show others that it is never to late to follow your dreams.

Cathy hopes to publish the first of three novels by the end of this year. After that she hopes the other two will sell also. She is also writing a self-help book and hopefully a cookbook. She is hoping to take the opportunity and gift of time to set new life goals, pursue her dreams and encourage others to do the same.

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