Check Grammar Before You Publish

Check grammar thoroughly before your manuscript leaves your desk! This is a general rule of thumb every writer should follow if they want their story to be the best that it can be before it is published.

Check Grammar for Free

There's a online grammar checker available to try for free that will help you find those crucial grammar problems within the chapters of your stories before they embarrass you. This program is designed by writers for writers and thoroughly checks the unique structure of a fiction story that the standard spelling and grammar checking programs (like the ones found in your Word Processing Programs) can't compete with.

When you check grammar, you want to find errors that you may overlook, either because you don't understand the rules or because it sounds correct. This software uses all of the critical grammar rules to find problems, then provides you with suggestions on how to fix them. It's a great tool to add to your writing arsenal if you are looking to save a lot of time and money on editing costs when preparing to publish your stories.

As with most professional (human) editors, they can be very expensive and can take up to a month or two to fully finish editing your fiction story. And good editing software is very difficult to find since it is mostly for professional style writing such as letters and thesis papers for college.

Trying to find a great software program that is perfect for the fiction author that will take an unbiased look at your work and tell you exactly what you should fix is what you really need to check grammar. And now you can try it before you buy it! This online wizard not only checks your grammar, but tells you how you can fix it, not just what's wrong with it.

When you think of a good software that checks your grammar, you are thinking about something you must buy a license and download to your computer. Well this "try it for free online grammar checker" can help you identify problems without the hassle of downloads or licenses that limit your editing to one computer. By using this online program to check grammar, you can always be certain it is up to date on all the latest revisions and tools available and can use it on any computer you are using without hassle.

I am truly impressed with this grammar checker because it finds and corrects over 150 types of grammatical mistakes. It even proofreads your work for you and picks out errors that most people will miss during the editing process. It will check the context of your vocabulary usage within your text to ensure it is correct. It will even check your writing for plagiarism!

You Can't Find a Better Online Program to Check Grammar and for Editing Your Fiction Story!

If your writing weakness is grammar, and for most people it is, you need to try this free online grammar checker for 7 days and let me know what you think. My recommended grammar checking wizard guarantees that it will improve your manuscript in a matter of minutes.

I even had a subscriber say they got "grammar block" from using the program because they didn't realize how many grammar problems they had with their writing. Don't let this tool intimidate you! Use this not only as a writing aid, but as an educational tool to help improve your writing.

Turn your fiction story into so much more using online tool to check grammar. Use the free version to check small excerpts of your story to see how powerful this amazing program really is. Once you see its value, they have a plan that fits every writer's need!

I'm now an Annual payment member because I use this program a lot, especially with all of the books I've been writing and publishing. You can't find any personal editors for this price to be at your beck and call around the clock. You're lucky to get five pages professionally edited for the price of a yearly subscription. And you work at your own pace, not relying on someone else to meet your deadlines.

If you have any questions about this program to check grammar, just ask. I can help you out with it whenever you need it and maybe even let you know how I fine tune my writing during the final editing process.

Check grammar today with this highly recommended editing program so you can save time and money, and most of all, get your fiction novel in perfect condition and on the bookshelves in no time.

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