Daryl Poole, Fiction Shorts Author!

Daryl Poole received a Bachelors Degree in English Literature from North Texas State University in 1979. Long before receiving that degree, and for many years since, he has followed a treacherous path of bizarre career choices, the last of which left him and his pickup dangling precariously off a bridge in Austin, Texas on Friday, January 13, 2006.

The experience of witnessing his life almost tumble 30 feet to the rocky creek below brought home the realization that life, indeed, is short, and one should spend it doing what one loves to do. What he truly loves to do is entertain people, and Daryl found that a computer keyboard, along with a vivid imagination, fueled by a vast wealth of dysfunctional life experience provide the perfect venue for doing so.

His years in the military, extensive traveling in Mexico, and more recently, his fascination with the Cajun culture in south Louisiana provide a colorful backdrop for his stories.

Having survived childhood on the barren, windswept plains of west Texas, Daryl now enjoys most of his time between his home in the scenic Texas hill country and the French Quarter in New Orleans. His wife, Carolyn, a noted psychotherapist and counselor finds him and his work "disturbing". After reading his Fiction Shorts story 'The Eyes of Goliath', you may well agree.

He is currently a student at Longridge Writer's Group and is specializing in the art of short story writing.

Short Fiction Story Eyes of Goliath

The Eyes of Goliath by Daryl Poole is an exciting suspense mystery short story about a real estate deal closer named Todd and a stubborn land owner who refuses to sell his riverfront property in Vincent, Louisiana. Todd will do anything to close the deal.

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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