Delores Hill, Published Fiction Author!

Delores Hill was born, raised and educated in New Rochelle, NY, Queen City of the Sound, the oldest of four children. During the years after graduation from high school, she worked at various occupations from working in a hospital, to working in a bank, and finally before she retired, she worked for years as a contract administrative assistant secretary at a corporation.

"There were a few things I enjoyed in my life besides working for a living. At one time I had a chance to act in a play twice at a town hall in NYC. I also sang solo in a showcase a few times in a New York City Cabaret Club. These were experiences I will never forget and will treasure them for the rest of my life. After full-time retirement from working, I began a writing career."

Delores Hill continues, "I'm not sure when my interest in writing began, but I suspect it began in my childhood because I had such an active amazing imagination. I think now about all the stories I would make up when I was a child, I never realized that it was a prelude to becoming a writer.

"As far back as I can remember, I have always had a love for science fiction. That would explain why my first book was a science fiction story."

Her first book, The Invasion was self-published through RoseDog Books in March of 2008.

"Writing this story gave me the boost I needed to really take writing very seriously. I would not like to limit myself to only one genre, but would like to write in other areas such as dramas, mysteries, etc. I hope to write stories that people will enjoy reading and never get enough of. That will give me the self-confidence to continue writing if people like to read my stories.

"In addition to writing, some of the other things I like are old classic movies, bowling, reading good books, cooking and meeting people."

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