So, You're Done Writing Your Book! Now What?

by Jason W. Moser

Forward: So, You're Done Writing Your Book! Now What? This is exactly what a majority of new fiction writers ask as soon as they finish writing their story. I wrote this article to help you become motivated in pursuing the steps beyond the writing stage. Your words of fiction are art and need to be shared with the world.

A feeling of relief passes over you as you type the last words of your manuscript. An immense weight has finally lifted from your shoulders and you can finally relax. But can you really relax yet?

Now that you're finished writing your book, you must shift gears and redirect your energy toward the future. You must set more goals for your completed book, particularly where you want your book to be within a year from now. Do you want your manuscript to sit on a bookshelf as a stack of 8 1/2 x 11 papers held together with a large binder clip or do you want your published book to stand proudly upon a fancy display at Barnes and Nobles?

There are many things to consider after you finish writing the last word in your book. For instance, what is your book's cover going to look like?

A manuscript is just a bunch of papers with words logically written all over them. But once you add a cover to your book, you turn it into a fine work of fictional art.

Or how about finding book publishers to consider your work? Maybe you'd like to self-publish your book or you'd prefer to spend some money and hire a professional publishing company to do all of the leg work for you.

Regardless of the fact that you are done writing your book, you must proceed to the next level, otherwise your literary genius will go unnoticed. Here are some things to consider after writing your book:

1. Book Cover Design
2. Proof Reading
3. Editing
4. Publishing
   a. Self-publish Your Book
      1. formatting
      2. Finding a good printing press
      3. Sales and Distribution Platforms
   b. Traditional Professional Publisher
      1. Manuscript Format
      2. Agent Acquisition
5. Budget and Financing
6. Promotion After Publishing
   a. Book signings
   b. Press Releases
   c. Interviews
       1. Television
       2. Radio
       3. Magazine
       4. Web
   d. Web site to Sell Your Book
   e. Book Stores
   f. Book Readings
   g. Direct Mail
7. Future Publications
   a. Start writing another book

There are a ton of things to consider once you've finished writing your book, so your list of writing goals should never go dry and you should never simply relax after you're done writing a book. Try to make your goals realistic and obtainable. You know your limitations. Set a date to each of your goals (a deadline) and hold yourself accountable to that date. Make a plan to ensure your goal is reached. Then repeat the process.

Your job as a writer has merely begun once you are done writing your book, so keep focused and never give up on your dreams of becoming a published author. Your dreams are just starting to come into view once you finish with your book.

About the Author of So, You're Done Writing Your Book, Now What?

Jason Moser is a self-published author and master online marketing specialist. He has published several books and self-help articles for fiction writers including So, You're Done Writing Your Book, Now What?. Jason has retired from the Navy and now lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife and son.

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