Elaine Robinson, Fiction Author!

For as long as Elaine Robinson can remember during her 77 years of living, she has always been a scribbler of words (or so her family refers to her writings). Here is her story in her own words.

"I believe most people of my age have what they refer to as a bucket list of things they hope to accomplish before they pass on into the next life. One of the items on my list was to see one of my manuscripts in publication. And who said a 75-year old grandmother could write a romantic western novel and have a publisher accept it! Well it happened to me!

"On my 75th birthday I signed the contract to publish on my first novel 'A Promise to Keep'. It was released in April of 2011. While the book didn’t sell a million copies, I did enjoy moderate success, receive favorable reviews, and best of all, I was able to check one more item off my bucket list."

Elaine Robinson was born and raised on her grandparent's farm in East Texas. "My grandfather was an avid reader and I suppose I got my love of reading from him. But it was from my grandmother that that I obtained the stories and ideas for my manuscripts.

"Grandmother was a great story teller. We didn't have television back in those days and many an evening she entertained me and my brother with stories and accounts of her grandparents' journey across Tennessee and into the eastern part of Texas. The stories were wonderful and I kept journals detailing a lot of those wonderful family stories.

"When my mother died the task of cleaning out our family home before putting it on the market to sell, I found in a quilt box under a stack of bedding and blankets a box. My mother had kept all my childhood journals. What fun it was to re-read and visualize again those wonderful stores my grandmother told so many years before. I was retired by then and I began putting into manuscript form accounts of grandmother’s stories. And I have not stopped creating and scribbling words on a page."

Elaine Robinson continues, "My husband laughs and says my books won't sell well because there is no sex, vulgar words, or violence in them. But that's okay. My novels are not lengthy and they are written for readers young, adult, and the more mature.

"I have always enjoyed relatively good health, but last year I very nearly came close to dying without having checked off all the items on my bucket list or finished telling all grandmother's stories! I had to have a new aortic heart valve. I knew that I had a heart mummer and I realized that I tired more easily but I thought it was attributed to my age.

"Thank goodness our retirement community is only a short distance from one of our city’s largest hospitals...they got me there in time to operate and give me a new tissue heart valve. My health is back to where it was before surgery and I've picked up my writing with a vengeance!

"I have several manuscripts that I'm editing before submitting for publication. And, I recently signed a contract to publish my second western romance and I have a romantic mystery manuscript that a published is evaluating at this time. I'm working hard to make certain I get all the items checked off my bucket list before..."

Elaine Robinson concludes, "Life is good. God has blessed me with 77 years, a loving husband of 58 years, two talented and successful children and four of the most wonderful grandsons any grandmother could wish for. My family is my greatest inspiration - and I might add, my best literary critics."

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