Essentials of Writing Fiction Novels and Short Stories

The essentials of writing are the key elements of every fiction story, whether it is a lengthy novel or a simple short story for quick entertainment.

The only problem is that many fiction writers lack the knowledge or understanding of the importance of adding details to their story, the much needed component that helps people visualize what is going on throughout a book and make people want to continue reading a story.

Plain and simple, people are expecting all of the elements of a good story, even from your writing.

Essentials of Writing Fiction

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If you've written a fiction novel from start to finish and think it's done, well, think again.

The first draft of any book probably isn't enough to make the publisher's cut let alone your own common sense check.

Does your book contain all of the essentials it needs to captivate your reader's attention throughout the entire story?

Knowing the essentials of writing fiction will help you determine where you need to add to your story by helping you build onto what you already have.

This can be referred to as "filler", but it is more important to understand when and where to add these much needed details into your story.

Write a Killer Fiction Story Using the Three Essential Key Components of Writing

When you write a book, it should have three key components that turn it into a great story.

Knowing how to make the key components work together is vital in writing a successful fiction prose.

It is easy to turn a short story into a great fiction novel by applying the essentials to these three key components.

Some of the things you need to know to add substance to your story is how to develop characters, how to build a scene, how to sprout mini-stories within the primary story, and how to describe actions for visualization.

These are all learned techniques that you can easily add to your writing arsenal so you can greatly improve your fiction writing.

By learning the essentials, you can unlock your true writing potential.

It is easier to produce a best selling fiction novel than you think!

If you use the essentials of writing as your foundation for every book, your stories will have depth, flow, suspense, and the structure needed to create great story lines that are highly marketable in the fiction community.

You may already know all of the essentials; however, you may have just forgotten a few things over the years about how they all work together to bring your story to life.

Study the key components along with the essentials of writing fiction to form a bond within your mind to help you improve the content of your fiction stories.

Essentials of Writing Fiction -
Improve Your Fiction Novel Today

Essentials of Writing Fiction is an exclusive guide by Jason Moser for Fiction Writers to Help Improve Their Stories!

Once you are done writing the first draft of your fiction story, are you really ready to publish it for all of the masses to read?

Well, yes and no.

How often do you pick up a book and see where more description could have been added to make it more understandable and get you more involved?

You can always add more to a story to make it better.

There are many places you can add in more words that will bring your story to life and make your reader want to eagerly continue reading.

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My how-to guide, Essentials of Writing Fiction is only available through this website and shows you the key elements that you should put into each book you write and how to turn your short story into a lengthy fiction novel.

If you use these essentials as your foundation for every story you write, your books will have the depth, flow, suspense, and structure found in every great fiction novel.

Whether you are just starting out as a writer or are a novice writer, my useful guide will show you how to brainstorm the key components, how to create an outline to keep you on track, how to use more creative, descriptive, and structured writing techniques, and how to add suspense to keep your readers reading.

Check out this must have guide to better writing, Essentials of Writing Fiction, today!

This is your first step toward creating that lengthy fiction novel you've always dreamed about!

Once you add this special guide to your library for the reduced price of just $1.95, immediately read through it at once and discover how easy it really is to add quality content to your fiction books by applying all of the essentials of writing.

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