The Eyes of Goliath by Daryl Poole!

The Eyes of Goliath by Daryl Poole is the third story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is an exciting fiction short suspense thriller about Todd Windsor's push to buy all of the waterfront property on the Atchafalaya River Basin and meeting a high degree of resistance from one local.

Las Vegas on the bayou - hotels, golf courses, casinos and water parks. That's what the executives at Apex Properties in San Francisco had in mind when they set their sites on Vincent, Louisiana, a sleepy little backwater town deep in the heart of Cajun country.

A "substantial group" of investors were lined up and interested in the project, so long as they didn't have to wait too long to see a return on their money. To get them on board, Apex offered an iron-clad guarantee that ground breaking would begin within one year.

To make good on that promise, they would spare no expense in acquiring every square inch of property with a view of the Atchafalaya River Basin. Nothing would be left to chance, including the one factor that finally got them all to eagerly open their checkbooks. Apex had secured the services of the man known throughout the commercial real estate world as "The Gunfighter".

Todd Windsor was one of the most successful salesmen in modern real estate history. His reputation for being able to negotiate and close any deal earned him the nickname, "Gunfighter". Apex Properties gladly offered him double his usual commission to head down to Vincent with virtually unlimited resources and exactly one year to complete his task.

The wheels were greased, architects were constructing intricate models of a majestic, family-friendly resort, and Apex was already designing advertising material to entice well-heeled visitors from every corner of the world. Everything seemed to be in place. The charming Todd Windsor and his checkbook were happily embraced by almost everyone in Vincent, Louisiana. Almost!

The short story, 'The Eyes of Goliath' follows Todd Windsor, a sophisticated and seemingly irresistible force, as he encounters two unforeseen and dangerous obstacles. One in particular, a half-crazed, one-eyed alligator hunter, named Dave Peltier. The other, a terrifying swamp creature of mythical proportions. The inevitable clash of cultures results in kidnapping, murder, and a bizarre, unexpected conclusion, deep in the mysterious Atchafalaya Swamp.

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Meet the author of The Eyes of Goliath, Daryl Poole.

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