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The Featured Fiction Author page is designed to recognize one special author for their awesome accomplishments. This isn't a competition and the author isn't judged to get on this page. I choose the author based on their hard work and accomplishments and nothing else.

If you are a fiction writer and feel that your accomplishments are worth being in the spotlight, you can submit your author biographical profile and get your chance at this spot as the featured author of Write and Publish Fiction.

Writing a fiction novel, whether it is your first one or fifth one, is a challenging and trying task at times, most of which goes without any kind of personal recognition or notice. I know this because I see this in myself a lot of ways.

I meet new fiction writers every day. Unless you tell someone what you do, they may never even know that you write fiction. This is something you don't want to ever keep to yourself, no matter what kind of writing you do. You need to tell people your story so they will know who you are and will want to buy your fiction story because they know you.

The sole purpose for this page is to give one writer, possibly you, the due appreciation for all of your hard work and contributions to the literary world and the inspiration you have given all of us to pursue our dreams as a fiction author.

Featured Fiction Author Patricia Scholes!

Fiction Author Featured for Write and Publish Fiction!

Patricia Scholes is an author inspired by the very children she fostered. Meet the Featured Fiction Author and learn how your life can inspire your writing.

If you are an active fiction writer writing a new story or have published a fiction book or novel, please submit your fiction authors profile to me and I will add it to the Fiction Author's area of the website. Who knows! You may possibly even get a featured link on this page!

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