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Fiction blogs are a wonderful way to advertise your book's, business, website or other information you want to pass to writers. To help my fellow writers, I am offering free advertising to help promote your fiction blog.

If you have a blog and would like to share it with other writers, this is where your blog will be posted. One way of reaching out to people and sharing your ideas, your words of wisdom, and just for sheer entertainment is to have your own fiction blog. I encourage you to share your blog with other writers and visitors here.

Would you like to start your own blog? This is a great way to reach people in the same areas of interest as yours. Once you have created your new blog, post it here to my free fiction blog posting area, a free listing of fiction blog sites. This is a great way to introduce your fiction blog to other writers and to get targeted visitors to your blog.

First, check out some of the other writer's blogs below. Join their blogs, read their blogs, and post to their blogs. Then, if you have your own fiction blogs, scroll to the bottom of the page and learn how to send me your blog's link and I'll add it to this page.

Please feel free to visit all of the creative fiction blogs linked below and join in any of the forums or conversations throughout the blogs. Some of the fiction blogs are just starting out so please help give them a boost by posting some comments or questions to start them off.

Teri Cross Chetwood is currently writing a series of books called "Broomfield's Box" and has a great blog driven by the various characters from the series. Just as in the (semi) serious stories I write, two characters have taken over the blog: The Fabulous Cornwall Sisters. Lacy and Thea really love each other, but still manage to get on each other's nerves. In the blog

Here's a great entertaining and exciting blog called Just So So Special. Award-winning playwright and author Robert Shearman is writing 100 short stories, one posted every 2-3 days, on the people history forgot. It's the story of a bunch of mediocrities who are trying to look "so special".

Here's a very entertaining and packed-full-of-fiction blog that you'll be sure to love. Narrative by B. E. Berger is a great place to relax and just read.

Great fiction and poetry blog, Downtown Legends, is an aspiring and creative compilation of the works of Kishore Daswani. Checkout this exciting blog today.

Here's a great blog page called Reading, Raving, and Ranting from a Historical Fiction Writer started by Susan Higginbotham that is out of this world. Lots of good reading here.

Emrowe Editing - Will Edit for Money (or Cake)! Megan is taking on new clients! Check out her blog and utilize her services at reasonable rates.

A blog for fiction writers - write-and-publish-fiction is my blog associated with this website. This blog is representing my progress toward the publication of my second fiction novel 'Over the Edge'. It is going through my lessons learned from start to finish of my writing process.

The next blog is not so much fiction related, but related more toward writing in general. The Raleigh Rant is a general blog on life as a freelance writer that focuses primarily on the books John Suddath has recently read or events he's attended that are related to writing.

Here's a blog from a freelance writer, editor, and writing coach that I think you will love! Debra Stang Freelance Writer offers great tips to aspiring writers to help make their fiction stronger.

I have developed a Facebook page for fiction writers called none other than Write and Publish Fiction. You can become a fan of Write and Publish Fiction on Facebook and keep up to date with what's going on with the website in real time on the world's best social networking site.

There's no better way to get targeted visitors to your fiction blogs! This is also a great way to get free advertising for your book's website. Just add the link to your book's website into your blog in the signature area and you have free advertising.

Add your fiction blogs to this page by contacting me today with your name, email, name of your blog, and link to your blog. I will check it out and add it to the list of blogs above as soon as possible.

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