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Here are some fiction links to sites that may be helpful in finding information on fiction writing, publishing, or marketing. The links you should find here are links to publishing companies, agents, print on demand companies, writing related websites, and much much more all related to fiction in one way or another.

If you have a link you would like to share with Write and Publish Fiction, please request a link and I will add your fiction related link to this area. You can also check out other links if you are looking for a link not related to fiction.

Below are are some links that may be helpful in finding other information related to fiction writing and publishing on the Internet. Links you find here are links to other sites such as services, products, and informational websites that I have linked to or they asked to place their link on my website.

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Featured Fiction Link

The featured fiction link is from Writing Raw, an awesome website where writers can share their work and view other author's work. This is a great place to get noticed!

Writing Raw - a literary sharing website where writers can upload, view and share their writing. is a FREE literary sharing website (like YouTube but for the literary world) where writers can upload, view and share their writing. Feel free to post in any of the following categories:





- and, ASSORTED writings

Our goal at Writing Raw is simple - to serve the literary community with the opportunity to have their work online and out in the world. Who knows who may see it! In this world of disappearing literary magazines, Writing Raw is providing the blank pages for writers to fill.

Join the Writing Raw community today and get your writing noticed.

Other Fiction Links!

Fiction Links to Writing Review Sites: is an online workshop where you will have to read and review other writers on the site to build up the credits to post your own writing for review. You will also receive feedback on your writing from other writers and readers that can greatly improve your work. Enter contests that can earn you a publishing contract and other great prizes.

Check out and join their huge network of readers and writers.

Goodreads is another place to get your writing noticed and reviewed. It was recommended to me by a good friend here at Write and Publish Fiction. It is an author and reader community set up just like some of the other communities out there (MySpace, Facebook) but is all about book sharing reviews and comments about books.

You can post your reviews of any book you've read or are reading, or even your own books if you want. You can also sign up as an author and post your information as well. Please check out today and get to reviewing.

Links to Fiction Sites for Publishers, Editors, and Agents:

Looking to self-publish your fiction? Look no further! Pay no up front money and publish your fiction at for FREE!

Web Content Editor, Proofreading Editing, and Dissertation Help, Edit 911 Offers professional editing services including book manuscript editing, copy editing, dissertation editing, as well as other advanced content editing services. This is a great place for all fiction writers to get your books edited and ready for print!

Writers Literary Agency takes a personal interest in all authors and works hard to find publishers for their clients. They do not sell to vanity presses, only traditional publishers, so you know your published work will go far. They are paid on success only and do not charge reading fees. They are willing to coach authors to improve their skills.

Writers Literary Agency is growing rapidly and seeking new talent. This is a tremendous opportunity for unpublished writers. At the Writers' Literary Agency & Marketing Company, they take pride in finding and developing fresh, new literary talent. They believe that just because you are an unpublished writer doesn’t mean that your work should be excluded from the marketplace.

Fiction Links to Fiction Mentor Sites!

Let Tracy Culleton, fiction author of 3 best-selling fiction novels be your personal fiction mentor, help you write and publish your fiction. Visit Tracy's Fiction Writers Mentor website for great information on how write and publish your fiction!

Writing for Any Genre!

Learn to write by analyzing examples of articles, short stories, novels, poetry, business writing, and other prose. WriteAnyGenre has a huge selection of resources for any style of writing!

Writing and Writer Resources

Looking for writing software or educational publications for any style of writing? Look no further. Visit the Writer's Store today for the most extensive selection of writing resources and tools.

Writers Resources Cafe is an awesome source of writing support and inspiration for writers and readers who have creative spirit.

OWL or the Online Writing Lab offers writing, research, and MLA and APA style help to the world with their extensive practical use site. I use this site all of the time as fiction writer resources with a lot of my writing and I highly recommend taking a look to see how they can help you.

KnightCite is a great writer resource if you are writing books or essays that need works cited entries. This resource helps you with the MLA style of works cited format by creating a works cited entry after making the appropriate entries. This saves you a lot of time and research you would normally spend finding out the correct format for works cited.

Fiction Links to Services Available to Writers

Are you a fiction writer looking for additional sources of income to perhaps fund the publishing of your book or supplement your current income? Have you ever thought about putting your writing abilities to work as a ghost writer?

Search For Links to Fiction Sites and Other Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Resources

Resource Central is the ultimate fiction writer resources center and has many categories to the most useful links in support of information retrieval in resource research. They have links to fiction sites and to the best of the internet world and are a great online resource directory for finding information concerning practically anything you can imagine. Search for the resources you require to improve your writing abilities.

If you haven't found it on the fiction links page, not so fiction sites may be the page you are looking for. Even though this is a fiction website with many fiction links, we must allow other non-fiction sites to link to our site for well roundness.

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