Fiction Shorts - Compilation of Short Fiction Stories by Various Authors!

Fiction Shorts is a new and effective way to publish your short fiction stories that have been neglected, sitting on the shelf awaiting their chance at entertaining fiction readers. Don't let that great talent and entertainment go to waste - you need to get it out there for other people to enjoy.

Many fiction writers love to write short stories. You may be in between novels or just had an idea you had to get out there. It doesn't really matter how they happen, the question is: what do you do with them once they are finished?

To correct this major problem and to get your short stories out to the public (and some money in your pocket), I created a new program called Fiction Shorts, an annual compilation of fiction short stories written by various fiction authors, edited and published by me. Your story could be next!

Last year was a learning process, but a TOTAL SUCCESS! This was the first time I actually edited and published stories that weren't my own and I found a new passion along the way.

A Word From a Past Fiction Shorts Author!

My experience with getting published in the 2012 Fiction Shorts was very positive. Jason was easy to work with and made the submission process hassle-free. He kept us updated on a regular basis and was always available to answer my questions. The whole experience was exciting for me since it is my first official published piece of work. I am looking forward to the upcoming contest for 2013.

Nancy Moore - 2012 Fiction Shorts Author

Check out The Writer's Chest, the 2012 edition of Fiction Shorts. It turned out a lot better than I had anticipated!

Now that the trial and error period is over, we can really get down to business.

Submissions are Closed for Future Edition of Fiction Shorts Until Further Notice!

The last round of submissions did not go so well, so I have suspended all future submissions to the program.

Fiction Shorts may reopen for submissions, so keep an eye out for the emails and changes to this page.

When it Does Come Back, Here's How it Works!

Submission of your work to Write and Publish Fiction is FREE. Upon submission, your story will be judged by a panel of three judges and reviewed for several qualifying aspects. If your story passes this qualification process and is chosen to be published, a one-time non-refundable processing fee of just $29.97 will be required for me to proceed with publishing your story. That's all you will ever have to pay out (unless of course you want a copy of the book). The processing fee helps cover the cost of my time with editing, formatting and publishing the compiled book.

This is not a contest. Your work is being judged equally based on several qualifying criteria. Your work is NOT judged against other writer's stories. If your work is accepted by the judges, you will be notified by the end of July 2013 and your work will move onto the editing and formatting stage for final publication.

Once your work is accepted, you are encouraged to submit an Author Profile which will be added with your short fiction story in the publication as well as on the website to help future sales of the book. A brief description of the story will also be placed here on the website to help sales and to tell everyone a little bit about the stories. You will be informed when to submit both of these during the editing process.

If you have a short story that you want to put to work and get your name out there, follow the requirements for submission of your fiction story below. Your story must pass the pre-judging check (if it doesn't pass this simple check of the requirements below, your work will automatically be disqualified):

1. The short story must be between 3000 and 10000 words.

2. The short story must be fiction (any type such as action, mystery, romance, sci-fi...). No children's picture type stories and no erotica please. This is a family friendly publication.

3. The short story must not be previously published. This means in any form (blog, magazine, website, etc...).

4. You must be the sole copyright owner of the materials submitted.

5. The short story must be your original work - plagiarism will result in instant disqualification (including all future submissions).

6. No anti-government, hate, or illegal materials will be accepted.

7. Your work must be free of spelling errors, major grammar errors, and structure errors (minor mistakes are okay and will be edited out during the publishing process). Feel free to use my favorite tool for checking grammar and basic editing. This is the main one I personally use and highly recommend.

8. Your story must be typed in Courier New, Size 12 font, No Tabs for the Start of Paragraphs (five hard spaces before each paragraph only), and Double Spaced. Submit the story in any of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt. Sorry, I can not accept any other file types at this time.

9. There is no age limit for submission; however, any child under the age of 18 must have their parent's written and signed permission in order for me to accept a short story submission.

10. You must provide a valid email address with your submission. Important correspondence will be exchanged by email and repeated attempts to contact with no response may disqualify your story.

When your fiction short story meets all of the above criteria, you must attach a copy of your story document with your full name, address, phone number, and email address (for tracking and contact purposes) to the email address provided here once reopened.

You will retain copyright for your work throughout the entire process and I will only use your story with your permission. Once the compilation book is published, I will hold the copyright for the entire compilation and none of the stories can be individually published without my permission.

Upon notification of your acceptance, you will also be asked to provide additional information in order to receive profit shares from book sales as well as pay a small processing fee to help cover the time and resources I put into the project. That's the only time you will be charged and you will receive (per share with all of the other authors) all of the profits from the sale of the book once published.

On average, I put a total of at least 24 hours of time (correspondence, editing, formatting, and publishing) into each story for last year's project. That's 312 hours I invested and don't receive any further benefits. Ask any editor or publisher out there - the small processing fee is a good deal, any which way you look at it.

If you have any questions, please contact me about Fiction Shorts and ask about the program. I'm more than happy to discuss the entire program with you in detail. If you don't have any questions, please submit your story and wait for your response.

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