Fiction Writing Joint Venture Program - We Want to Partner With You!

Fiction Writing Joint Venture Program enables you to become our partner, either with our products and services or your products and services. If you want to increase profit potential for your business, a joint venture is the way to go.

Joint ventures are a way two businesses from similar niches can share products and services for a share of profits. A program such as this can work both ways, either allowing us to partner with you or you can partner with us.

Say you have a good editing program for fiction stories. We can blend in your product on 2 SEO pages of this website and our visitors will be funneled directly to your editing platform to help them smooth their fiction stories. Any sales made will be split as negotiated. It's good for you, me, and my visitors.

If you have a product or service in the fiction writing, publishing, or marketing niche industry and you would like to establish a joint venture with Write and Publish Fiction, we are very interested in talking to you.

Here's How a Fiction Writing Joint Venture Program Works!

If we add your product or service to our website, here is how we add it to our website:

1. We research your business, product, or service and determine the best placement within our site.

2. We research keywords for search engine optimization that we will use when we place your pre-selling joint venture advertisement on our website.

3. We add two tier pages of content on the Write and Publish Fiction website and add them to our Google sitemap. We are spidered by all of the major search engines at least once a week, so your page will be indexed in the top four engines very quickly.

4. We continuously analyze and tweak the page to establish the highest position in the search engines.

5. We send a message to our subscribers letting them know that we have established a joint venture relationship with your business.

6. We share any income earned through this advertisement.

Establish a fiction writing joint venture with Write and Publish Fiction. All you have to do is contact us regarding your business, product, or service and present us with your interest in establishing a joint venture with us and we will go from there.

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