Ghost Writing and How Can it Help You

Ghost writing can make all of the difference when you have a great fiction story idea and weak writing skills. You don't need to be an expert at writing to create a best selling fiction story. Understanding why an author needs these types of services, learning how to look for writers, and learning how to not get stiffed when hiring writers to pen a book for you is a great way to make your dreams come true.

Ghost Writing

Well you may want to know what hiring a writer is all about as it can be a very important part of your career, whether you are the writer selling your services or you are obtaining the help of another author to help with your fiction story. How can soliciting someone else to write for you help you bring your story to life when a deadline is against you?

Ghost writing is a service from one author to another where the author creates or expands upon the content of a story written by the other. This type of service is used by some of the best authors in the world for many different reasons.

The provided service is known as outsourced leverage. Just as you would use an employee to provide specialized services for your business, a writer can be your employee that writes for you based on your desires and ideas.

For the most part, people that provide these types of services don't get credit for authoring the work, but they are well compensated for the work they perform for you. It is up to the one who hires them whether the hired author will take credit for any of the work or not.

For instance, if your hired specialist is a New York Times Best Selling Author, you may want to consider adding them as a co-author to your book cover. Their name alone may sell your book ten times more than your name alone. Tom Clancy co-authors many novels and adds his name to the book cover for unknown authors, instantly vaulting the book to the New York Times Best Sellers List just because of his name.

Ghost writing is a great service that is perfect for the person who has great creative ideas but doesn't know how to or have time to put those ideas down in a lengthy story. The question is, how do you find the right writer for you and your fiction ideas?

There are many different companies and individuals looking to help bring your creative ideas to life. Regardless of who you hire to write for you, the process is still done as business and the ghost writer is in it to make money. You must be careful when you are looking for the right person to help you write your book so they don't take your ideas and run.

Here are the Main Reasons to Hire Ghost Writing Services (Otherwise Known as Outsourcing)

Say you have a great story idea about something but you aren't very articulate with your words. You can hire a fiction writer to pen the story for you based on your detailed outline of plot and characters. Once the work is complete, you will review it and can make any changes that you want. A hired writer is essentially the extra brain to help you develop the best fiction story idea possible.

What other reasons may you want to hire a writer to do the hard part for you?

You may be stuck somewhere in your story and can't find your direction, so you need help. This may happen while you are well into your book and reach a point where you can't go any further; the ideas just aren't coming to you anymore. You can hire someone to write a chapter or two based on what you already have to get your ideas rolling again.

Another reason you may want to revert to ghost writing help is because you may not write very well, but have written a great work of fiction or have a great story idea. Say your story is written, but there are many problems with it; there may be several grammatical, spelling, and structural errors in it as well as could use more descriptive filler. You can find an author to proofread your work and make the appropriate changes to it to make it flow better, more grammatically correct, and add more content to the entire story.

There are several reason why your story may need a ghost writing touch. It's mostly to improve or create a best selling fiction work that you may not be able to accomplish right now on your own.

I totally understand that you may feel that you are losing some personal touch in your work, but these types of services work wonders for your fiction. And you take credit for your work, even if they wrote the entire piece. That is what you are paying them to do.

And don't think that just because your story was created by hired writers that you can't change anything throughout the story. It is your idea and you will be getting all of the credit, so you can change it any way you like.

Find an Expert to Help Write Your Fiction at a Price You Can Afford

You need to find a ghost writing expert who can help bring your story ideas to life if you are having trouble putting the words together from your ideas. A writer for hire is a great way to leverage your way into transforming a fiction story idea into a finished novel while still taking all of the credit for it.

When looking for outsourced services, you can find them all over the place, especially where you least expect them. Definitely take all of the recommendations other writers may give you based on their experience on who to hire. Even they may be willing to help you out.

You can also use specialized search engines to match your writing job up with the right service. There's always Craigslist where you can place an ad requesting authors to build onto your fiction idea. Finding a local author to help you where you can personally meet with them and discuss the project would be a lot better than an online only relationship.

My favorite place to go first to find ghost writing services is a credible and trusted source that breaks down their search into many genre, including creative fiction. I highly recommend their services for all your fiction needs. They do it all and can help you finish your fiction novel in no time.

Here are 4 Things to Look for in a Good Ghost Writer

Now that you know where to look for ghost writing services, here are the following things to look for when hiring services for your building onto your fiction ideas:

1. How many years experience do they have writing? This is very important because you don't want to have to pay thousands of dollars to re-edit your work once it is written. A good writer will provide a near error free product, just remember, it still needs to be proofread and edited.

2. About how much time it will take to complete your writing project (in whole or part of your story)? Ghost written stories vary in length and it is very difficult to know exactly how fast it will be written. Talk to the prospective writer and set a reasonable deadline for them to complete the project based on your wants and their estimates. They should give you updates of where they are at and if they are on track or not. If they need more time, be willing to work with them and be flexible.

3. How much do they charge? You should get a free estimate before they ever give you a breakdown of their fees and charges. Every story is different, whether it be size, style, or complexity. Some writers charge per page, per 500 words, or a flat rate for smaller projects. Use ghost writing services that are right for your writing budget.

4. Are they published authors? Probably the most important aspect to look for when considering writing services is whether the ghost writer has published any books of their own. This gives the writer more credibility and will put your mind at ease.

5. Do they specialize in fiction? Well, you don't want to hire a ghost who writes non-fiction stories. You need to find one that will write, or has written, fiction stories and knows how to bring your ideas to a new level.

Interviewing the Prospective Ghost Writer

Once you think you've found a ghost writing expert to build your ideas into stories, you need to conduct a brief interview to see if they are a good fit for you and your ideas. The following are different things to ask or propose to a writer before you hire them:

1. If you hire a freelancer, you need to know how they update you on their ghost writing progress. A good ghost writer will contact you regularly on their progress. Suggest that they give you a daily or weekly breakdown of the work they do on your project while in progress. This gives you an idea of how far ahead or behind they are with your project. Since you are the boss, you can put some heat on them if they are falling seriously behind on the job.

2. You want to consider whether they are going to get any credit or not for the work. You want your work to be yours. Most hired writers do not include their name in your book, but some want the credit. Ask them. It is your decision to make; if they aren't willing to work with you, move on to the next writer.

Try to avoid the ones who want their name on your cover page unless it will add to the marketing value of your book. If Stephen King is your writer, you definitely want his name on your book's cover. They must be a well known, highly successful writer to get their name on your books, period.

3. You want to know if they have any rework guarantees if the job is not up to your standards. Before the entire job is complete, you should get a chance to review it before accepting it as complete.

4. You want a definite payment schedule when dealing with ghost writing services. You should pay no more than 20 percent of the estimated cost upfront and the remaining percent at the end of the job or when you are satisfied with the final project.

One last bit of advice when dealing with ghost writing is to make sure not to expect a ghost writer's work to be perfect and ready for publishing the moment you get it back. You want to thoroughly read through it and make edits to it as necessary. Editing will still be required and you want to make sure all of your ideas were touched upon during the story.

This is business and your writing is very importing to you. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you make any arrangements to have someone else write your stories. Learn more about ghost writing to get the most information and awareness on the topic before making your decision.

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