A Good Book Title Will Greatly Increase the Marketability of Your Fiction Book!

A good book title is the secret to your fiction book's marketability. By creating a great title that captures and excites potential readers just by looking at it, you will greatly increase book sales by leaps and bounds.

Use the following steps to help you create your own title page for your book that will significantly increase your chances that people will pull it off the shelf at initial glance.

Follow This Simple Exercise to Create a Good Book Title That Sells!

1. At the top of a blank sheet of paper, write down a single paragraph that best describes what your book is about. This will be the basis of your book's title.

2. Directly underneath that paragraph, write down all of the verbs used in your previous paragraph.

3. Underneath that line, write down all of the nouns used in that paragraph.

4. Now, for the next five minutes, write all of the combinations of words you can find using all of the nouns and verbs in the two lines below the paragraph. Don't worry if some of the combinations of words don't make sense yet.

Another way you can do this is to get your family involved. Make it into a game to see who can come up with the most word combinations. My wife is my creative power house and together we come up with the most creative and catchy names you could think of.

5. Once the five minutes is up, review all of the word combinations. Do you see any that would make a good book title?

If you find a combination of words that sounds really good together, use those words and proceed to step 7. If none of the word combinations look good, move on to step 6.

6. If you can't find a word combination that makes the keywords of a good book title, set five minutes on your stopwatch and brainstorm some more. Write down verb and noun synonyms that correspond to the nouns and verbs you already have. Once five minutes has elapsed, put another five minutes on the clock and brainstorm more word combinations using all of your new verbs and nouns.

Once complete, review the new word combinations to see if you have any good combinations now. If you find one, move onto the next step. If not, repeat this step until you find a set of words to use in a great book title. Your best seller's title is out there, you just need to find the right key words.

7. Now that you've found a good combination (a verb and a noun), take about five more minutes and brainstorm alluring phrases using the noun and verb in that combination. If the two or three word combinations already flow together harmoniously, this step isn't required. But if it just doesn't make sense, make the two words into a catchy but brief phrase. Continue with this step until you find that perfectly attractive title that will entice readers to buy your book.

The secret of how to write a book title is already in your book. You just have to pull the words out of the book and put them together in a captivating and enticing order.

A good book title should compliment your book cover so they can work together to do its job correctly. Use both of these to make an awesome cover for your fiction story to prepare your fiction for publication.

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