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Help with writing, publishing or marketing your fiction books is available at a price everyone can afford. Whether you are looking to share your experience by selling services for writers or wish to hire someone to do some work for you, check out this new writing services marketplace I created to help you.

Yes, there are literally over a hundred and fifty pages of information throughout my website that can help you in most areas of fiction writing. But sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to look over your stories to check for errors, critique your writing, or to help promote your books.

If you need a service performed in any area of writing, the writing services marketplace is your one-stop shop for very inexpensive work.

Help With Writing!

Much like the many other $5.00 marketplace sites out there (like,, and this marketplace ONLY offers writing specific services for $5.00 per job.

One of the benefits for people looking for help with writing is that it is easier to find what you are looking for - you don't have to filter through thousands of odd services that don't matter to you. Another benefit is that you can get a lot of work done for you well within your writing budget.

The benefits for the people providing these services is that you can make money from any service you can offer a writer. There is unlimited possibilities with this marketplace because there is no limit to how many jobs you post. The income you earn can be used to purchase services of your own or to add to your writing budget.

Typical jobs posted to help with writing include but are not limited to editing, formatting, critiques, book reviews, press releases, author websites, ghostwriting, proofreading, website content, website backlinks, promotion, and more writing related services - all for $5.00 a job.

Extras are also available for each job posting to offer more with each job. You have an opportunity to earn up to $125.00 per job listing with the extras.

Check the rates for editing an entire novel out there. You're talking about $3,000.00 to hire a professional editor through a company. The help with writing marketplace offers the same professional editing services for $125.00 or less (depending on how many pages you have.

And how hard is it to find someone to review your book to help your book rank higher at the online book stores? Near impossible unless you want to pay out a bunch of money. Here people will review your books for $5.00.

And since Five Dollar Services is an exclusive site for writers serving writers, we can all help each other one way or another. Just because you may need help getting a book cover designed for you, doesn't mean you can't make some extra money writing book reviews or proofreading books.

Five Dollar Services is a great chance at making some money for your writing budget to help fund services you need. Or it can help with writing, publishing, and marketing your book.

Join for free today! Post as many writing jobs that you are willing to do for $5.00! Send out a request for a particular service that you can't find! Purchase a service you need to get your book published so you can free up your time and do something else.

And best of all, don't go broke outsourcing all of the author related tasks you are unable to do yourself.

Create your first writing service job today and start helping writers solve all of their problems.

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