Hermine Strand, Author of the Glimpses of Next Series!

Hermine Strand is a middle-aged American author who happens to be a Canadian citizen and resident living in Toronto. He has established the 'Glimpses of Next' series of novels featuring protagonists who, despite being skeptics who disbelieve in psychic phenomena, all have some limited foreknowledge of the future. They know nothing about their own personal future, but they know about some public events. 'Glimpses of Next' chronicles how their lives are affected by their special gifts.

Hermine Strand, Author of Glimpses of Next!

The first novel tells the story of Karla Smart, born in 1962. At age six, Karla suddenly has knowledge of beautiful music unlike any she has ever heard or can find. She devotes her life to becoming a musician so she can release her music into the world. But in her teens, she comes to know that "her' music is really the work of future composers and performers who have not been born yet -- and she knows their identities, but little else.

Karla tries to compose her own music but gets wretched results. Even as a performer she is competent but not particularly talented. So she faces a difficult choice: To give up her dream, or to destroy the future careers of musicians whose work she so much admires.

The novel traces Karla's life from age 6 to age 17 with an epilogue at age 49. It is straightforward, unpretentiously written literary fiction with broad appeal.

The novel is being prepared for publication and should be released by the end of 2012. Stay tuned!

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