How to Make a Website to Promote Your Fiction Books

Learning how to make a website with Wordpress is something every author should invest some time in. Following a step-by-step guide to greatly increase your book sales during the promotion stage of your book after publishing your story is of great value to any writer, especially if you are going to write more than one fiction book. This is something you don't want to skip as an author because your will miss out on a lot of potential book sales from around the world.

How to Make a Website

The best approach to take in how to make a website is to learn the basics of developing a website the right way, including the much needed search engine optimization techniques that get your website indexed in all of the major search engines of the world wide web.

In order to see the true difference between a standard throw together website and one that is properly developed and produced, here are some web traffic statistics:

Website 1: 4 improperly built web pages that a publisher throws together when publishing your book with very little content.

Website 2: 25 to 50 properly built web pages of keyword rich content that you create about you and your writing.

Website 1 may get 10 to 20 visitors per month after a few years including the people you personally send to it. Most of those visitors are search engines spidering your site for their index. The others are probably people you just sent there.

Website 2 may get 10,000 visitors or more per month after a year or two, not including the people you send to it. Believe it or not, that is the power you will have if you learn how to make a website the right way the first time.

How to Make a Website in 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to make a website in ten easy steps that will teach you how to put everything together like a professional so you can set yourself up for marketing success.

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If you are thinking about developing an author website or a book website, think about what a well developed and optimized website can really do for you in the future for your marketing efforts. A website is your 24/7 sales person that you don't have to pay and works non-stop while you do other things, like write more books. You do the work once to set up your website and it will continue to work for you until you pull the plug.

A website attracts people from all over the world to view your content, it walks them through your marketing process, sells you books or services, processes the orders, and automatically triggers delivery of your books or services.

Your website needs to be more than just a page or two on the World Wide Web that no one in the world is ever going to find. People aren't exactly looking for you or your fiction books yet...they are looking for information and things of interest - content and information! If you have a book related to that information, they will buy it.

It's Called Hot Prospecting!

I learned the hard way that if you don't know what you are doing when making a website, you are just wasting your precious time.

I'm tired of seeing writers give up on their dreams of successfully selling their fiction because of the lack of book sales from poorly deployed marketing techniques and lack of assistance from their publisher!

Don't be like your competition! Step outside of the box and take this opportunity to learn what most writers and publishers just don't seem to understand and is actually holding them back from achieving their publishing dreams!

Learn how to make a website and see how fast your website becomes a powerful, automatic marketing tool for you and your fiction.

Learn the simple and proven methods of how to make a website that will help you find more customers and sell more books than you have ever dreamed possible, even if your book is already on the market and failing miserably!

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