How to Publish a Book in the Fiction Book Market

Learning how to publish a book is one of the biggest and most challenging hurdles that crosses your mind the moment you finish writing your fiction novel. There are so many literary agents, fiction book publishers, and ways to publish your book, it isn't even funny. Where on earth do you start?

How to Publish a Book

That is a great question and maybe even one you may be thinking at this very moment! Where do you go to learn how to publish a fiction novel? Why is that information so difficult to get a hold of? Well, here's something that you may not have realized before, and let me tell you, it took many years to figure out as well.

Publishers have a very easy job. They really do! They decide whose book they are going to publish based on the risks versus the rewards involved; they get their format experts to make it look good (which you pay for); a publisher arranges with other companies to have your book printed and distributed to book stores (on and off line) all around the world (after you pay for all of the books that are initially distributed); they collect a majority of your royalty checks (all if they give you an advance) just because they are your publisher.

There is a little more to it than that, but you get the point. In other words, they don't personally do a lot of the work that is actually involved with the publishing process; the publisher arranges everything to be done for the book publishing and all of it is paid by you, either up front or through royalties from your book sales after it is published.

So, why is it so difficult to publish a book, especially if the book publisher is a seasoned professional and has done it quite a few times already? Why are they so selective with whom they work with? Why are they charging so much to publish your book when the actual publishing stage of the writing is the easiest one of the entire process, especially when you do the most difficult part to begin with by creating the idea for your book in the first place?

It's all about the money, if you haven't guessed it. How to publish a book always comes down to that because they are in the business to make money. There is a way to keep all of the money, and it's not that difficult.

Learn How to Publish a Book for Pure Profit

There are many more ways how to publish a book besides having someone else do it for you. Not all book publishers charge you money up front. In fact, the biggest publishers will pay you an advance. That means the publisher is taking all of the risk and you don't see any of the profits until your advance is paid back through the sale of your published book. That also means you are forced by a contract to market your book in order to make the sales to help pay back the advance. If you don't pay it back in the contractual time allotted, you may have to pay it back out of your own pocket, which can be devastating.

There is always self-publishing as a way of how to publish a book. Self-publishing books is a great way to get them into the market place, especially if you don't have any money or you are trying to get your name and stories out there. In fact, you can publish your book on many great platforms without costing you a penny out of pocket. This, of course, takes more time and skills you wouldn't normally be using, but they are not difficult skills to learn.

Having someone else do it for you is very understandable, especially if you already have a full time job, but self-publishing offers more freedom with your book and you own all of the rights to your book. And your royalties are much higher per sale which is a great advantage.

There is a way to self-publish your book without having to do the work. This is where vanity press publishers or publishers who assist you in self-publishing your book come into play. These are the most abundant publishers out there and also the worst ones to pursue.

If you are considering getting your book published by a professional using any self-publishing company that wants you to pay them for their services, you must learn how to publish a book for the right price and understand exactly what rights you will still have to your book once it is published.

Publish a Book Using a Publishing Method That is Right for You

You need to learn how to publish a book using a publishing method that is right for you after your book has been written and edited. This is the seemingly impossible feat for most writers, mainly because they don't understand the publishing process, so don't let the great unknown discourage you from taking the next step toward your writing dreams.

There are many ways to get your fiction books published without costing you an arm and a leg as well as most of your profits once it's published. My goal is to help you determine the most efficient way to publish your book.

There are several different routes you can take in order to get your book published. Knowing that all of these options are out there is half of the battle. Knowing where to go from there is the next half.

When you are first starting out as a writer looking to publish a fiction book, it is understood that you may need to create a writing budget to get you started in the right direction. At this point, your writing budget may be severely limited, but it will determine a lot of what you have to do in the future to get your book published.

How to Publish a Book With No Upfront Costs

It doesn't have to cost anything to publish your book. In fact, I haven't paid a penny to publish any of my books. Really! I've proven it several times over! You can learn how to publish fiction for pure profit and use the money you earn from those book sales to pursue other publishing and marketing routes. This will certainly help you get started and get your name and your book out in front of the world faster than any traditional routes.

Maybe you write short stories or small works of fiction and want to publish a book in a electronic format. A lot of authors just starting out have successfully published eBooks and made a lot of money from them just as eBooks. You too can learn how to successfully publish books in electronic format.

One of the newest ways to get your book out in the market electronically is to publish it for Kindle at This is a free avenue to pursue which can help your book sales jump significantly in the best book marketplace on the World Wide Web.

Maybe you already have some money available in your writing budget or your book has proven successful with previous publishing efforts, so you may want to find a fiction book publishers in order to get a big named publishing label on your book. This is where it gets a little more complicated and touchy when it comes to the publishing process, but the more you learn about the processes involved with publishing a book, the more confident you will become.

My personal take on how to publish your book is to learn how to publish a book on your own. Self-publishing is the way to go if you want to maximize your earnings and minimize your expenses up front. I feel this way because I refuse to pay someone else thousands of dollars plus eighty to ninety percent of my royalties for the life of my publication in the hopes that I will even make a profit from it once my advance is paid back. Especially since publishing is actually the easiest step of the entire writing process.

Self-publishing is pretty much stress-free since it is self-paced; it is a lot funner than waiting on a publisher to accept your work, your work is never directly rejected, and you can definitely afford to publish a book since there are self-publishing companies out there that offer this service with no out of pocket expense from you.

Even before you are done writing your book, you should take some time to decide which publishing method is right for you. Once you decide, take action and make it happen.

No matter which route you take, it's all about you. Don't let anyone rush you into anything and take your time making a decision about your publishing goals. It is your work of fiction and you should make the most money from all of the hard work.

Here's some more great information on how to get published that will help you make a decision on which publishing route to take.

If you need help with self-publishing your book, please ask. I'm always available to provide advise on how to publish a book.

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