How to Write a Book Title for Your Fiction Novel!

Learning how to write a book title is very important if you want your book to sell at first sight. This is no joke! It is the single most important aspect of your book when it comes to selling your fiction because it is what people remember most about your book.

How to Write a Book Title

You can title your book anywhere along the writing process, but the best time to create your title is when you have totally completed writing your book. Once you've written your book, use the great tools at to publish your new work yourself. It's a great way to get your book out to the public.

Most people think up titles at the beginning (just like me), even before the outline is done. I do, however, tweak it once I'm done to fine tune it for selling.

If your title doesn't have anything to do with the plot of your story, then people will be confused from the start!

Your book title, as far as marketability is concerned, is what can make or break your book in the fiction marketplace. This part of your book is the first thing anyone sees before they even consider buying your book in the paperback or electronic form. It can also help people find your book in book stores if all they know is the title.

How to Write a Book Title That Captivates Your Readers!

The title of your book should be presented clearly on your book cover as well as on the spine of your book to accomplish two things:

1. It gives your reader a basic description of what your book is about at first glance.

2. It immediately captures your reader's attention and makes them open it up to find more about it.

In order to learn how to write a book title, you should really analyze your book. You wrote it so you know everything that happens in it. Use as few of words as possible that tell your readers what your book is about.

Organize the fiction title so it makes the reader want to buy your book even before opening the book. The main point of a book cover is to make the sale from the bookshelf. Your book's cover is your free salesman, ready to grab readers out of the blue with breathtakingly captivating words and related images.

Since you wrote your book, 90 percent of the process of creating a book title is already done. If you hire someone to come up with a great title for you, they essentially have to read your book and pick a title based on what they read that best suites your book. You are basically doing the same thing, except you have several great advantages: you wrote the book; you are intimate with your book; deep down inside you know what your book's title is.

You know exactly what your book is about and how to write a good book title for you story. You know the moral of the story per se. You just have to come up with the right keyword or phrase to sum up what your book is about while spurring curiosity and excitement. Choosing a keyword that people are looking for in the major search engines is a big help.

Simple brainstorming is a great method to make a book title come to life. I've come up with a great brainstorming exercise to help you learn how to write a book title. You will learn some basic techniques to make your book stand out from the competition and actually give it a chance in the aggressive fiction marketplace.

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