How to Write a Manuscript for Your Book Submissions! Your Basic Guide for Correct Manuscript Format!

While learning how to write a manuscript for myself, I came across some similarities between several different publishers when it came to manuscript submission format. I spent a little extra time and research and developed a simple guide to help you create a manuscript for your fiction. This guide helps me format my manuscripts prior to submission to traditional publishers or literary agents.

When writing a manuscript, you may think that these standards are pretty strange and make your book look bad, but don't worry about how it looks at this point. A publisher generally sends it to other entities who edit and format your book from the standard manuscript format into a book format that you are used to seeing in the bookstores during the publishing phase of your book.

NOTE: If you are self-publishing your own fiction, you can skip the manuscript writing process altogether and jump straight to formatting your book on your own.

How to Write a Manuscript

Here Are a Few Need-to-Know Prerequisite Tips on How to Write a Manuscript!

1. You should use 1 inch margins all around your text on every page.

2. Use double spacing throughout the content of your manuscript. This makes it easier to edit and read. This is easy to do if you are using Microsoft Office Word programs as you can select all and set the spacing to 2.

3. Do not use italics in your manuscript. The text you should be italicizing during the final published version should be underlined in your manuscript.

4. When typing your manuscript, spell out all numbers. Do not use numbers as numbers (4, 10 , or 25). They should look like four, ten, or twenty-five.

5. Do not use the percent sign or dollar sign. Spell out "dollar" or "percent". That goes for the "&" (ampersand and) symbol too.

If you think your book is ready for a publisher, you need to review the basics above, put them in your manuscript, then do some more advanced formatting. This can take some time, but gives your manuscript a fighting chance against the hundreds of other submissions they receive every month.

Many publishers have a particular format that they want your manuscript in when they receive it. Not all publishers want the same things, but after researching several publishers, I've noticed quite a few similarities that help you understand how to write a manuscript in a more standard format universal to most publishers. That way, it makes it a lot easier to make the final touches that are specific to a publisher.

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