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If you write and publish fiction, you reached one of the best online sources of information, tools and resources to help you obtain your overall writing goals! If you have questions about the writing process, editing, publishing, or marketing fiction, your questions can be answered throughout this website.

In my life long quest to publish my own fiction novels, through trial and error, I've learned a lot of great information that I am passing on to you! This site is a compilation of the things I researched over the years (and continue to research) in order to publish my own fiction books, so I know it will be very helpful to you if that is your goal.

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Write and Publish Fiction - Help for Fiction Authors!

The vast amount of information throughout my site will help you save time and money while writing fiction stories. It will teach you the essentials of writing fiction, how to format your manuscript, how to publish a book once it's written, and how to sell a book so you can make money from all that effort. Everything here is designed to help you perfect every aspect of writing.

I Haven't Paid a Penny to Publish Any of My Books! Here's a Little Bit About Why I Created This Extensive Informational Website for Fiction Writers!

Something compelling happened to me while I was deployed for seven months out to sea on a submarine in the Navy. Isolated from civilization and unable to communicate with the real world for what seemed like forever, I had a lot of time to think about why so many people fail to follow through with writing and publishing fiction. By following through, I mean that they don't go on to make money at it!

As a fiction writer myself, I totally understand the frustration going through the entire writing process from start to finish. As a writer, you face several difficult challenges throughout the course of your writing!

Whether it's coming up with ideas for your writing, putting your words into the correct context that flows for your readers, publishing your completed project, or marketing your fiction once it is published, you have questions, blocks, and other obstacles that make your job as a fiction writer downright difficult!

You are among the many talented people throughout the world that love to be creative and write fiction; however, many people never go any further than the notebook on their desk, if they even get that far. Are you one of those people? I honestly hope you are not because the world needs the entertainment value of your creativity!

"Have You Lost All Hope at Publishing Your Fiction? Write and Publish Fiction Will Help Rid Your Life of All Writing Worries and Get You Back on Track Toward Your Writing Dreams in No Time!"

For some writers, even if they are fortunate enough to publish fiction, lack the knowledge and understanding of marketing and don't have a clue how to get their fiction books out to the world, the only way to make real money with fiction writing.

On that cold submarine, isolated from the world, I sat alone thinking of how to make YOUR life better in every aspect of fiction writing. Based on questions asked by my subscribers and the problems they were having, I discovered a few vital pieces of the puzzle that are most likely holding you back when you write and publish fiction! Secrets that make you miss out on the many successes you deserve after completing the great feat of finishing a fiction story or novel. I want to give you these secrets for FREE! No Hype! No Upsells! Just straight forward, valuable information about fiction!

Testimonials From Writers About The Information and Resources Throughout This Website!

"I would like to thank you for your free site and all the advice contained therein. It's really great and I couldn't have published without it. Your site is a very valuable tool." - Shelagh Martin, Author of 'Snuffy's Quest'

"I decided to find out how you go about getting your novel before a publisher, copyright costs, etc... and stumbled upon your site. I was completely taken aback by the wealth of great advice." - Roy Clarke, Fiction author of 'Perception'

"Jason, your free gift to me is the best gift I have gotten in my entire life and I am very excited about getting started!" - Janet Lintemuth, Fiction Author

Here Are a Couple of Questions You Can Ask Yourself First!

  • Why do you write fiction stories?

  • Why do you want to publish fiction?

  • How can you use your writing abilities to work toward your financial advantage?

  • Are you having trouble with any area of the writing process?

If you can't answer these questions or you are simply wanting to learn how to take advantage of your writing abilities, Write and Publish Fiction can help you with extensive information, helpful tools, and abundant resources.

My website alone has over a hundred pages of FREE information and resources regarding fiction writing, publishing, and marketing you can't find anywhere else that can help you in any area or stage of writing. Whether you are at the beginning or near the end of your fiction creation, or you are simply stuck, browse through all of the sections and pages of this site by clicking on the links to the left in the navigation plane.

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You get one whole page of search engine optimized content on Write and Publish Fiction dedicated just for you, your books, or your fiction related websites. This is a great way to advertise your writing skills and your books. Most of the profile pages currently published are in the top ten of the major search engines meaning you WILL be found by people looking for you or your titles.

More Testimonials From Writers About The Information and Resources Throughout This Website!

"Jason, Your website is very helpful and encouraging to me. Thank you for taking the time to write the guides and for all the free information also. Without finding this information I probably would not have even embarked on this journey basically for lack of not knowing 1) How to start, 2) How to continue, and 3) how to proceed. I had no idea there was even such a thing as self-publishing." - Cathy Brockman, Aspiring Fiction Author

"What a great idea for a site. A truly useful resource area." - Tony Cowin

"It was great to find your web site. It has really helped me start my writing with a heart full of confidence and a head full of ideas." - Katrina Richardson

My vision and mission is to help you to learn as much about writing fiction as you can and become as successful as possible with your writing without breaking the bank! None of the books I published cost me a penny to publish, only my time and creative skills. That's why I have so much helpful information throughout the Write and Publish Fiction website.

Throughout this website, I provide valuable information and guidance for the more common areas fiction writers are having trouble with in their book writing experience. I encourage you to browse through the Write and Publish Fiction site map and learn as much as you can.

The future of Write and Publish Fiction is picking up and I can't wait to help you develop the best fiction novel your mind can possibly conceive.

More Testimonials From Writers About The Information and Resources Throughout This Website!

"Jason, Jason, Jason. You are a walking tower of information. Bless you! The last few emails that you sent to me were wonderful and so informative. You are better than Google Search and Yahoo." - Winona Burns

"Thank you so much for your free gift! It was very helpful. I've already written my success statement and plan on committing myself to writing everyday to achieve my goals. I appreciate everything you've done and everything you're doing right now to help writers reach for the sky. I don't plan on letting my age hold me back. I do have the skill and passion to become a best selling fiction author, thanks to you. You helped me realize that my dreams won't take flight on their own. That I have to be willing to do this, and I am." - Sarah McCary, Blossoming Fiction Author

"Please accept a huge thank you for the wonderful job you have done and for the service provided for authors via your most informative, well designed, easy to follow and 'packed with information' website. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, searching and re-searching through it and indeed, following plenty of the advice and help offered. You are to be commended and I freely urge anyone remotely interested in writing, in whatever form, to spend a little time scouring your many levels of much needed help." - Peter Harding, Florida

So, subscribe to the Fiction Writer's Newsletter now and receive your 2 Free Bonus Gifts and the help you need with your fiction writing!

For your writing and publishing success,


Jason Moser
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P.S. Don't forget to download your free gifts once you subscribe to my newsletter and verify your email. Please subscribe to my Newsletter today!

P.P.S. I recently published my second fiction novel! My new novel 'Over the Edge' has been self-published using the techniques I provide throughout this website. It cost me nothing - zero, zip, zilch - to write and publish it! Subscribe to my newsletter to find out the secrets!

P.P.P.S. In 2012, I took on a new project and published the first volume of Fiction Shorts called The Writer's Chest, a compilation of 13 short fiction stories written by 11 great authors. This was my first combined editing and publishing project for other authors and it is proving to be very successful. There will be a new volume of short fiction stories every year and everyone will have an opportunity to submit their short stories to see if they are chosen for the next compilation book.

Feel free to browse through all of the pages of the Write and Publish Fiction website. This site covers all aspects of fiction writing including the basics of writing a book, how to publish a book, and how to sell a book. Use the navigation to the left to find what you are looking for or you can visit the Fiction Site Map and find it there.

Or if you have a specific question about fiction, visit my Fiction FAQ and ask a question about writing, publishing, and marketing fiction.

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