Insomniac by Morgan Bernstein!

Insomniac by Morgan Bernstein is the nineth story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is a suspenseful fiction drama about a young woman who just wants to get to sleep, but she just doesn't know why she can't sleep.

High school student Jordan hasn't slept in days, but that isn't her biggest problem. She simply cannot bring herself to recall the mysterious cause of her lack of sleep; she knows that there must be some trigger for it, but for whatever reason her mind will not allow her to remember.

Her strange condition is a constant source of worry to her parents and something about which they argue almost constantly to the point where they speak to each other of little else besides their daughter's insomnia and the cause behind it. Jordan overhears them mentioning PTSD, but they refuse to confront her about what may have caused it, and once again Jordan is left in the dark.

One day in school she meets Owen, the strange boy who sells pills to anyone with enough money to buy them. At first he doesn't believe Jordan when she asks him for pills, but somehow she is able to convince him that she is desperate enough to risk trying anything. Owen relents, slipping her a couple of pills at no charge. Although she wonders why he would give them to her for free, she decides not to take it for granted and simply accepts the pills without question.

Contrary to Jordan's expectations, taking the drugs only seems to make her insomnia even worse. Rather than simply being unable to sleep, she finds herself beginning to hallucinate from a combination of an intense lack of sleep and the variety of pills she has taken. She begins to try whatever she can get her hands on—more pills, alcohol, anything.

As Owen begins to take more of an interest in Jordan, continuing to feed her growing addiction to whatever types of pills he can give her, she begins to unravel the mystery behind her insomnia.

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Meet the author of Insomniac, Morgan Bernstein.

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