Jane Li, Fiction Author!

Jane Li is a published fiction author who spent half her life running away from what she truly enjoyed doing, which is writing great and beautiful stories that entertain and benefit readers in some way.

"Some say that if you don't know what you want to do, go back and remember what you loved to do as a child, before you hit your teens. I should have listened and pursued writing before I made myself absolutely miserable on a path that wasn't right for me. Lesson learned. I only wish I had learned it earlier."

"In 2009, during a jobless period when I didn't know what to do with myself, I suddenly developed a huge craving for everything angels, especially the fallen angels known as Watchers. They fascinated me so much that I began to write stories about them, many times in a sleep-deprived state, to my annoyance. As with all real loves, my passion didn't diminish but instead expanded and deepened."

Barakel and Nissa by Jane Li!

"Rejection letters didn't help put me on the path of being an author, but Amazon surely did. Kindle and CreateSpace are a godsend. So I pulled my stories out of cyber oblivion, molded them into a novel, got it edited, and self-published. So now I have become an author. Who knew? And the journey is just beginning."

Jane Li is currently working on her next book, a prequel and companion novel to Barakel and Nissa, and continues to unravel the mysteries of the Watchers and Nephilim.

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