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My name is Jason Moser and I'm a 44-year-old fiction author and entrepreneur residing in Chesapeake, Virginia. I've also lived in Martin City, Montana for 17 years, Chula Vista, California for 2 years and St. Mary's, Georgia for 2 years. Here's my long form biography:

Jason Moser - Fiction Author

Jason was born in Pennsylvania in 1971 and raised in a small town of about 200 people called Martin City, Montana. He was raised there until he joined the Navy just out of high school and has since retired with 20 years of active duty service to his country aboard submarines. He has attended a year of college in pursuit of a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Multimedia at Westwood College Online where he expanded his knowledge about Graphic Design and website development.

He is married to a lovely woman named Holli and centers his life around his wife, two adult daughters Jalynn and Kimberly, his 2 year old son Zachary, his 2 month old son Jacob, his writing, and helping others realize their writing dreams. Along with writing, he loves to design niche websites and builds complete online business models from simple ideas. He also enjoys mentoring others, helping them create their own websites, write books, and helping them reach their true potential in life.

Jason Moser has been writing fiction stories since he could hold a pencil, starting with comic-style pictorial stories about war when he was 8. "I don't know why I'm so fascinated with war, as you can tell since it is the main topic in a lot of my writing. I've never been in a combat situation while in the service, so I'm not too sure where it comes from. I guess action and adventure just thrills me to no end."

Jason Moser said that his actual fiction career was born during study hall in Columbia Falls High School in October 1985. "I just started writing and didn't stop. I pretty much concentrated on that book, first hand writing it, and then typing it (I still have yet to publish it). I'm actually on my third and final rewrite."

Jason Moser joined the Navy and more ideas for more stories poured into his creative brain. He continued to write, but the longer he worked in the Navy, the less time he had to dedicate toward writing, until his writing flame slowly flickered down to a soft ember. He had several stories finished and typed out (very rough drafts), but began transferring everything over to computer.

Jason Moser had to Practically Start Back Over From Scratch!

"Thank God I printed everything out because I was using 5 1/4 diskettes to save all of my fiction writing on my 286 computer back then. None of the disks work anymore and I had to start the typesetting task all over again."

Jason Moser had to essentially start over. It was very frustrating having to start all over again, but not having a lot of money on hand to hire people to typeset his stories for him, he was stuck doing it all himself. It was very difficult for him to get back into it, especially with his full time job in the Navy and family struggles. He had to do something to rekindle his writing fire.

Network marketing and the Internet caught his attention about 9 years ago, drawing him further away from his fiction writing. He was still writing, but it was in the form of web pages and advertisements. He also spent a lot of time and money learning the principles of business, success, and money management while trying to become involved in various business ventures. "I really enjoyed all of the on and off line businesses that I dove into, but I didn’t see much success with it, even when I was really fired up about a product or service. I just wasn't passionate enough to make them work for me!"

Jason Moser decided to go all out and try one last time to make a success of his online endeavors. It was the best decision in his life with regards to his education, though looking back, he was probably a nut to even considering spending as much as he did for the interactive learning and web-building program. The very first part of this program restarted his dusty old dream factory and steered him back on course with his dreams.

"The first course in the program was to discover what I was truly passionate about in life. As I sat there brainstorming all of the things that I was passionate about, I was trying to concentrate on other passions I have (my entrepreneurial type passions), but I just couldn't seem to get into it. It wasn’t really in my heart! I ultimately found myself back where I started so many years ago...back to my writing." Thus the creation of his website, Write and Publish Fiction.

Since he took that chance, it has changed his life drastically. It has inspired him to aggressively pursue his writing dreams with a passion again. Since then, he has self-published several articles, reports, and guides on his writing experiences to help other people rekindle their fire and actually teach other people how to publish their books, not just for fun, but for money.

Jason has written and published his fiction novel Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop and Over the Edge. He has written and published several poems and has nine more novels in the works. He also started publishing self-help books on Amazon to help others achieve their wants and dreams in life. With his newly aligned goals, he will be publishing several new titles in the next few years.

Jason Moser
Fiction Author

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