Kathy Blaylock, Fiction Author of Conceiving Evil!

Kathy Blaylock is a 47 year old mother of four and has been a single parent their entire lives. Here's her story:

I have dreamed of becoming a publisher author most of my life. That dream is about to come true. I am going over the proofs of my first book to be published in just a short time. It is a horror novel, Conceiving Evil. (Since this profile has been written, she has published Conceiving Evil.)

Conceiving Evil by Kathy Blaylock

It will be followed by my first Children's Book The Adventures of Buddy Fairy and Friends (also published since this profile was written).

My love of writing started with dear me letters I use to write to myself when I was younger. They helped me get through some very tough times. Then came my poetry, and then the stories I use to make up for my children. I write Horror, Romance, Poetry, Children's Stories, and Short Stories. I am also trying to write my first script based on my horror novel Conceiving Evil.

Forever Writing,

P.S. I love creating life with words, both real and imagined. There is magic to be found around every bend of the road. Find it, and then create it with your own words.

Let the poem, or story take your mind where it will, and see what you can create.

You can find Kathy Blaylock - Conceiving Evil on Amazon.com and check out what her book is all about.

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