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Kevin Rogers lives in southeast Michigan with his wife of twenty years and two teenage sons. He has been a Michigan native all his life. He currently works as a Systems Administrator for a large retail enterprise and has been in the Information Technology field for twenty years. He has written many technical documents for all levels of experience and only recently has his creative efforts taken a forefront.

The fields and woodlands of northern Michigan, where he grew up, played host to his imagination. His adventures would conjure scenes of his favorite Fantasy Fiction books and role-playing games. It was during such an adventure; walking across a beaver dam he could not see the other end of, that he imagined a Wizard of the Forest. Soon after, the stories began to fill inside him and notes were written down.

Technology has kept Kevin's "character" alive through fantasy and role-playing computer and console games. His main characters are always named the same, no matter the game. When a new character is needed, good or evil, he creates that character and develops them through playing and acting as he envisions them doing. The interactions with others and scenarios played out often make him wonder what his character would really do in this situation or that.

Now, almost thirty years since the creation of his fiction character, he has written several role-playing stories for forums, has been a member of Triond since 2008, and recently submitted a few short stories in competitions. While he enjoys writing short stories, he aspires to be a novelist and is currently working on his first Fantasy Fiction novel.

While Kevin Rogers admits there is so much to learn about the craft and art of writing, he draws the most inspiration from the enjoyment of learning it.

'Escaping the Darkness' was conceived as a character development piece and was written during a single lunch break at work - not including edits of course. The concept came that morning when he turned the light off in his basement and was left in total darkness. Darkness upon darkness upon darkness, and he had to feel his way, along a bookcase, to the light switch.

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Short Fiction Story Escaping the Darkness

Escaping the Darkness by Kevin Rogers is a short fantasy fiction about Dendrianna (a female Cimmerion Elf) and Dendrobates (a male human) who are on a quest for the truth on who they are and how they were created. He finds out so much more about her as they play a game of cat and mouse where she can see perfectly and he learns to adapt to his other senses in the darkness.

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