Kim Hymer, Published Author of Inspirational Stories!

Kim Hymer is a 42 year old mother who has one child, a son, and 2 grandchildren.

She is currently working for Wichita State University with an organization called Self-Help Network and there she is a Consumer (meaning someone with mental Illness) Researcher.

She spends at least 3/4 of her time on the Internet whether it be for Research work or for chatting and Internet games.

Kim was diagnosed with having a Mental Illness in 1994. In 1999, she came very close to dieing. She had an Aneurysm of the Brain and had a 50/50 chance of living. "I have been writing since this has happened to me. It was a wake up call; I feel God has opened my eyes and he is why I write."

Kim writes what she sees and has experienced. She writes Inspirational Short Stories and has 28 stories for each of 2 books she is writing so far. Kim Hymer will be self-publishing them as soon as she gets 50 Stories for each book. The titles for them will be "Reflection's on Life" and "Reflections on My Life", So watch for them in the next few years. She plans on writing a story about her life after she is done with these two.

"I recently found out that on my Dad's side of the Family there is a writer. His name being John B. Hymer - Actor/screenplay writer. So I think I get my skills from him (his son's name is Warren Hymer)."

If you would like to see some of Kim's stories or learn more about Kim, you can go to, a free site where you can read about her and see who she is and read some of her stories.

"Thanks for this opportunity to share."

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