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Lenred is a very talented fiction author. During his years as a boy and then as a young man, his mind constantly flirted with the unusual. He has one of the most outrageous imaginations one could ever dream of. This was replaced with the hum-drum of daily life when he got married and began raising a family.

It was not until the children moved out to begin their own life and his spouse succumbed to cancer that he resumed those fleeting moments of the fantastic. This lead him to become involved in what is termed ‘paranormal’.

Much researched information was available on the subject, but something was missing. "Using what I had learned," he said, "contact with the astral was eventually produced and in a meaningful way through dreams and meditation."

More than two decades have passed since Lenred was introduced to the paranormal and he has been involved in many diverse inter-dimensional events and realities. These encounters have provided much insight relative to the so called, 'unknown'. During this period, he has become a self proclaimed paranormal consultant with the developed ability of inter-dimensional sight. While interacting with the astral realm or any other dimension, he is able to observe and manipulate energy. "Many individuals have been released from harmful entities and energy through removal processes which I have incorporated into this specialty."

"Dealing with the astral requires protection and expertise. After first contact in a conscious state, I developed both. Working in the paranormal is quite rewarding especially when the lives of people are changed from despair to joy."

Knowledge gained from these experiences supports the articles he has written about the paranormal, or astral realm, where these phenomena actually occur. Some of his articles and stories are fiction based on experiences with the astral and other realities.

"I love to create stories of these encounters. My plan is to continue my research and upgrade my abilities as required for future inter-dimensional pursuits and writing."

Short Fiction Story The Portal - Inter-Dimensional Exploration

The Portal - Inter-Dimensional Exploration by Lenred is a short fantasy fiction story about a man who is given a rare opportunity to explore another dimension, one much like ours but full of wonder and amazement.

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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