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Lisa Haak is a 43-years old author of fiction living in New Jersey. She is married and has one child. Here's her author profile:

Lisa Haak has been an avid reader since she was a young girl. Here's a little bit of the background of why she started writing in her words.

"I picked up my first major novel in the 6th grade. My uncle was a teacher and was babysitting me while my mother was working. He was correcting papers at my kitchen table and I sat down next to him. Being a nosy 12 year old, I started looking through his school briefcase and pulled out a book that was in there. It was large, and it was entitled "The Shining". I asked my uncle if I could read it and he hesitated. He said that I might be a little too young for it and I poo-pooed him and I curled up on the living couch with my new book.

"The terror I felt reading that book over the next three days was a new feeling and I was hooked. Of course, as I was only 12 years old there were a few times I had to grab the dictionary to look up words I had not yet learned in the 6th grade, but boy-oh-boy was I hooked. Of course, you can guess who my favorite author is and the type of book I prefer to read (although I read numerous different types of books, I have just recently completed the entire Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series)."

How did Lisa Haak actually started writing? "Well, I worked at the same job for 22 years and for most of those 22 years was miserable in this office and felt both physically and mentally beat up. I finally came to my senses and switched jobs 4 years ago and since then, I don't know how else to describe it other than, my brain woke up.

"All of a sudden, I was filled with ideas for 6 different books in the thriller and science fiction genre. I hesitated in the beginning because I wasn't sure if attempting to start a "career" as an author at 43 was feasible. I have a full time job and a 4 1/2 year old. How much more time can I actually stretch out, but when I found I had a little bit of down time at my job I would start writing a chapter.

"So chapter by chapter, or on Friday nights after everyone had gone to bed and the house was quiet and to myself, I composed my story. I started my first thriller in April of 2010 and just finished my second pass through and am up to 222 pages. I will make my third pass through and add what needs to be added, polish what needs to be polished and hopefully have a decent story.

"I have had 3 people read it so far and have received positive feedback. One being my sister who is the harshest critic I know. She actually read the book, chapter by chapter as I was writing it."

As soon as Lisa Haak publishes her first fiction novel, I will be certain to add the link to it right here. She continues to advance on her writing career, well into her second fiction book whose idea just "hit" her and "I sat down and my fingers started flying across the keyboard, the story just bursting out of me to be put onto paper."

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