Liz Moult, Fiction Author of Doves and Angels

Here is what Liz Moult, author of Doves and Angels, a fiction novel published by Publish America wrote for her author profile on Write and Publish Fiction:

I was born in Belleville Ontario in a neighborhood that everyone refers to as the "Old East End". It's a place with large oak trees, tons of squirrels, acorns, and more leaves than anyone can handle.

After achieving two diplomas and traveling across Canada, I settled in a small town north of Belleville with my two children where I started taking a writing course. I've pleased to announce that my first novel entitled Doves and Angels by Elizabeth Moult is available online.

This is a story about Nick, a photojournalist, who goes on assignment to Kosovo. There he experiences a spiritual encounter that leaves him with a message of guidance and a quest for world peace.

Two soldiers take him to the hospital, where Julie, an attractive nurse, invites him into her home. Julie is kidnapped by the rebel army for the General's personal use, and Nick travels with the soldiers in an effort to find her.

Unsuccessful, he returns home to write about world peace and political corruption. He returns to Kosovo as a witness for the United Nations. With a tip from a psychic, he finds Julie. Nick is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for two of his books and is invited to speak at the United Nations, with the hope that his ideas will set a global agenda for world peace.

"I have personally checked out this great story 'Doves and Angels' by Liz and I highly recommend everyone reading it today! It is an exciting book and an awesome job for her first published novel!" - Jason Moser, Write and Publish Fiction.

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