Marketing a Kindle Book to Help Sell Your Fiction!

Marketing a Kindle book is a great way to help make money with your fiction book. After going through the entire process of publishing your story, you need to get the story out to readers. There are several cleaver ways to get your story out to the world in one of the fastest growing marketplaces for fiction novels.

Marketing a Kindle Book

Creating a Kindle friendly file of your published book and uploading it to Amazon Kindle Direct is just the first step. Any book can be turned into a Kindle ebook. But it does depend on how it was published, either by you or your publisher. A publisher should automatically post it to Kindle, but you will manually have to submit it if you self-published the book. The process is simple either way.

The best format to use is HTML. To convert your file, you can start with a word document program like Microsoft Office Word. Take out all of the page numbers, use hard page breaks between chapters, and use only simple fonts. Size and type of font do matter.

When you are done formatting it, save the file as "Web Page, Filtered" and it will create an HTML file. If you have images, it will zip them up and put them in a folder. You can also put hyperlinks in your text that people can click while reading your book on their computer or Kindle device and it will take them to your website.

The next step once you have your electronic version ready for Amazon is to upload it to the Kindle Directory. When uploading, you will upload one folder with your zipped images and HTML file.

Getting published seems to be the most difficult process for fiction writers by far, at least that's what the publishers want you to think. Kindle makes it easy to publish your own work and get it out there quick in order to market and sell your book. Oh, by the way, your book, once it is uploaded, is pretty much published.

Marketing a Kindle Book 101

Marketing is your sole responsibility as an author, whether you publish through a major book publisher, self-publish, or have your books published on Kindle. If you don't put forth the effort to market you and your published book, no one will know it's out there. If nobody knows your book is out there, no one buys your book and you don't make any money from it.

Immediately after your published book is available on Kindle, you must write and submit a press release to as many media outlets as possible. This is your opportunity to let the world know that you are a new author out there and that you have a must read book for them on Kindle.

Your press release is published throughout the news media outlets you submit to and rapidly spreads the word about the great news of your publishing success. You must make your press release very interesting so people will want to purchase your book.

After your press release reaches circulation, another way of marketing a Kindle book (and probably the best way) is to tap into your social networking circles. At least once a week for a month or two, even before you publish your book, let your social networking friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all of the others know that you have a new book published on Kindle.

You should start marketing your book before it is published to start the buzz about your book. This is easy using social networking because you can keep your circles up to date on where you are at with your story. Once it's published, marketing a Kindle book is easy. And tell everyone to share your message so word gets out to your extended networks.

Studies have shown that the more people see your advertisement, the more they trust it and will likely visit it. Don't just send one bullet out for your book and expect a lot of results. Send at least seven announcements letting them know about your fiction book. Seven is the magic number in any kind of marketing. Sending excerpts from your story is a big help too.

Your Fan Club! Start With Your Family and Friends!

Don't forget to let all of your friends and family know about your published book. These are your best and most loyal customers. They are the start of your fan club. You can do this with a simple phone call, email, or letter in the mail. You can ask them to put a good word out there for you to make some good referral sales as well.

If you happen to have some money put aside and allocated to advertising your book, there's always direct mail advertising, solo email advertising, Ezine advertisements, and text/image advertisements on different websites related to your book's content. You can also find websites dedicated to marketing a Kindle book and pay a small fee to have your link added to their site. This way of marketing a Kindle book is more random and less targeted, but can get your name out to more potential readers.

There are several ways marketing a Kindle book will get the word out so people can find your work. The secret to marketing success is to take action. If you don't spread the word, no one will ever find your book.

If you need help publishing a Kindle book, here is some great information on Amazon Kindle eBook publishing made easy.

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