Me and My Girlfriend by Yana'h Amina'h!

Me and My Girlfriend by Yana'h Amina'h is the twelfth story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is a short fiction romance drama about a young woman in the pursuit of her dreams.

Armani a beautiful young woman, a creative stylist from a small city with endless talent and opportunity, put nothing or no one before the luck of her dreams. She had been through some tough times, through many changes in her path of life including the tragic loss of her parents at a very young age, but nothing was about to stop her.

She consistently aimed for the best, up until that one sweet day she would have never thought could change the way she felt about love.

Delicate but spoiled and well known for getting what she wanted when she wanted it, she had a personality that seemed to drive anyone to her attention. The way she loved and her mouth-watering style of how she carried herself got her any and every thing that she and any woman could possibly want without a drop of a dime.

Her life became many lives driven to the good life especially after escaping what she had been around involving a past relationship. It mostly focused on accomplishing and nothing else.

Up until that one sweet day as she hurried back to work and bumped into the man of her dreams. Immediately she became hypnotized, struck by love and the opportunity to have something brand new. He stole her heart and changed the way she felt about someone she once had in her life.

At times, she asked herself what could be worth more than the good life her husband offered her. But after discovering what he did that changed what she thought they had together made her look at him completely different. But in due time, one will discover that what goes up must come down.

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Meet the author of Me and My Girlfriend, Yana'h Amina'h.

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