Missing by Valda Johns!

Missing by Valda Johns is the eighth story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is a narrative fiction short story and intertwines with The Quest and A Twist of Fate, also by Valda.

This story is about the disappearance of a husband under suspicious circumstances and how his wife went looking for him, also disappearing herself. Two grown daughters can't understand why their sixty-two year old mother, Vila, took off to parts unknown searching for a sorry man that left her after only three month's of marriage.

The details they were given by their Mom were sketchy at best. She wanted their support; instead, they had voiced their negative thoughts out loud - "You are out of your mind, mother!"

A misunderstanding without all the facts can tear a family apart. They didn't support her during the most traumatic experience of her life and now they are afraid she is gone from their lives forever.

She had married Nickolous, ten years her junior, five months ago. Three months into the marriage, without warning, he disappeared from radar. No ransom demand or phone call is ever forthcoming. He is presumed dead by everyone except his devoted wife. She doesn't believe he is dead and goes out in search of him.

During the course of the investigation into her mother's disappearance, the youngest daughter finds love and begins to understand what drove her mother to search for the man she loves.

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Meet the author of Missing, Valda Johns.

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