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Fiction Author Monika Pant

"I am an English teacher,teaching senior students in LaMartiniere Girls' College Lucknow. I have been a teacher for about 10 years now. I have loved teaching these girls on the threshold of adulthood, and my reward is the love I have received from them. The best compliment I have got is when a student came to me after passing out from school and told me that I was the most student-friendly teacher in school.

"Writing is a passion, of course, but of late, my thoughts seem to be flowing and I am finding myself writing with a vengeance, as though my time is running out. I am hoping someone, somewhere would just give me an opening and I could leave everything and just write...(Am I echoing the sentiments of all writers?)"

Fiction Author Monika Pant!

Monika Pant has interests in writing and reading, drawing, singing, music enlivens her and issues around her disappoints her.

"I have just about gone through some cycles of chemotherapy,(My doctor is hopeful of my recovery) and that has opened my eyes to the beauty of life, a lifetime, which is too, too short to accomplish all that I have to do, and I have had the privilege to see beyond the outer facade of people. That's a lot of learning in six months time. I have a caring husband who is an Urdu shayar and two lovely daughters who are very creative."

Monika Pant continues, "God has given me a lot to cherish and a capacity to do so. I dream of a house in Sylvan Surroundings and lots of time to write. I hope I will find a publisher soon, especially since I want to get my memoirs of my fight against cancer published for all those battling their way ahead. So pals, If you know of a daring publisher, who would risk his reputation for a new writer, then please inform me."

"Anyway I'll still write, as that's what I do best. I would love to see Michelangelo's works...the 'Sistine Chapel', 'David' and'The Pieta.' My favorites are Khalil Gibran's 'The Prophet','Illusions' by Richard Bach and 'Man's Search For Meaning.' I love watching good films too. All art moves me and I have NOT outgrown Ayn Rand. I wish I had written 'Atlas Shugged'."

Monika Pant has a mantra to speak out her mind whether anyone agrees with her or not.

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