Morgan Bernstein, Fiction Shorts Author!

Morgan Bernstein was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and split much of her childhood growing up there or in Jacksonville, Florida. She knew ever since she was young that she was very much interested in writing as a profession, and her short story 'Insomniac' is her first major step on that pathway.

A junior college student at the age of twenty, Morgan spent a recent semester studying in and traveling Europe, which served as great inspiration for a lot of her writing. After experimenting for a while with different forms of poetry, she decided that prose — fiction specifically — was what really fit her passion. She plans to graduate in May of 2014 after spending four years on an English major and her two minors: creative writing and psychology.

A lot of her writing is thanks to her parents, who always supported her ideas of a writing career and encouraged her to keep writing because someday it would pay off. Morgan Bernstein plans to do a lot more writing in the future!

Morgan's Fiction Shorts story, 'Insomniac' is a thrilling story taking you inside the mind of an insomniac — how she feels and what she does to get to sleep. Only one person understands why Jordan is not sleeping. It is a very well written piece and I know it will entertain everyone! - Jason Moser

Short Fiction Story Insomniac

Insomniac by Morgan is a first person literary fiction taking you inside the mind of an Insomniac. Everyone wants to help, but they all think she's psychotic. All she wants to do is sleep.

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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