Nereshia Dalton, Fiction Author!

Nereshia Dalton is a non-published fiction author. She is 24 years old and best known by family and friends.

She was born in Bellville, Cape Town, the oldest of three children Of Rene Marie and Edward Dalton. She graduated from Grens High in Baysville, East-London in 2007.

Nereshia started writing at the age of 12, writing War and space plays and comics. She wrote her first drama at the age of 14 and in 2007, she wrote 7 short stories including 'The adventure's of Ashly Williams'.

Nereshia Dalton got engaged to long time boyfriend Donovan Kruger in June 2008 and is planning to get married in the next two years. She is an avid Chicago Cubs fan as well as of the Chicago Blackhawks ice hokey team.

"I grew up in a violent home and the only way for me to escape was to enter my own world. I could place myself anywhere I wanted to be and I'll be there. One time I was at a live concert of Queen at Wembly Stadium. Other times I was either on a special black ops mission or on some adventure traveling through the woods or a cave. I know it might seem silly, but that's what activated my imagination and being a movie freak helped a lot. I can quote all my movies to you off by heart."

Nereshia Dalton continues, "My imagination is still strong today. It doesn't take weeks to write a scenario or get information for my characters. I always try to capture the real emotion of my lead and sub characters and the only way for me to truly know, is to put myself in their shoes.

"I sometimes have to take a break if the scenes get too emotional like in my story 'Ocean Deep', where the lead character experiences difficulties and trauma. Basically loosing everything he holds dear, and since I don't like bad endings, he found someone he deeply cares for and he could move on in life."

Nereshia Dalton has a lot of fun writing. "I love doing research for my stories, putting them together and forming the story line. To revise and rewrite is not a major issue for me, because I want to tell the story of their lives, circumstances, their hopes and dreams as clear as possible, and if it means that I have to throw out some scenes and rewriting some dialogues, then I'm all for it.

"I don't expect much of my writing as I only use to write for my friends and family. My friend was the one that convinced me to write a novel and get it published. They have enjoyed my stories over the years but, she felt that it's time to share them with others. If I can make a living out of writing, I'll be pleased and if I only get one book published, I'll be satisfied. Because my reward I get when I've finished a story."

Nereshia Dalton's dream is to travel the world. "I want to go to Wrigley Field and watch the Cubs play. Go to Steppenwolf Theater Company watching live plays. Exploring the U.S.A., Surfing in California, Hawaii. Maverick's Point. I heard it's huge. Go see Rome and Italy, go to France, (I can speak, write and read french too). Still studying though. Go sit in Las Vegas and listen to Celine Dion. So, Traveling mostly. To see all these places can help me in my stories, since most of them I base in America.

"South-African places are actually very lame and I say this with a lot of respect. My government and law enforcement here is so out of date I don't think they even know how to work with DNA or process a crime scene. That is very important to me for my stories."

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