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Fiction novels by Jason Moser are all found right here on his website. As a fiction author, Jason wants to make sure you can find his books on and off line so you can enjoy the fiction entertainment the way you prefer.

Jason has been writing fiction novels for over 28 years, publishing his first novel in October 2005 and his most recent novel in December 2011. If you will notice the huge gap of time between the two books, well, that time was spent writing other things such as all of the content on this website, 5 other websites, several articles, and 12 self-help how-to books.

All of the tools, resources, and methods discussed throughout this website are used to publish Jason Moser's books. He does all of the work on his own, never relying or paying for the services he can easily do himself. From writing to publishing and marketing, each of Jason's books are his 100 percent work and effort.

To check out Jason's fiction novels, click on the corresponding links below to read what each of his books are about.

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop - One of the First Fiction Novels by Jason Moser

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop is an exciting spy novel introducing new characters, excitingly impossible missions, double agents, romance, and deceit. Covering all corners of the earth, the International Intelligence Agency covers all missions that gravely jeopardize world security.

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop!

More powerful than the CIA, FBI, or NSA, the International Intelligence Agency (IIA) with its world class agents gets the job done no matter what it takes! Until a high ranking official within the agency goes sour and changes everything.

Over the Edge

One of the most exciting and realistic fiction novels by Jason Moser to date, Over the Edge, is a fast moving thriller that will have you on he edge of your seat the entire way through.

Over the Edge, one of the Exciting Fiction Novels by Jason Moser!

Derek Rennel has lost all interest in the Navy and life in general and decides to run away from everything to enjoy the real freedoms life has to offer, escaping from reality in the untamed wilderness of the Flathead National Forest in Northwest Montana. An exteme series of events drives him over the edge.

As Jason is nearing the completion of other novels, they will be added to this page so you can check them out and find out how to purchase them.

He has also completed a short fiction compilation of other author's stories. He edited, formatted and published The Writer's Chest, the debut of a new program called Fiction Shorts he developed to help fiction authors get their short fiction stories in front of the world and make some money at it too.

Be sure to contact Jason if you have any questions or comments (especially reviews) about fiction novels by Jason Moser.

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